W.S.R.S.L. Emergency Preparedness Plan 2012-2014

I. Introduction

The William S. Richardson School of Law (the “Law School”) is a cohesive community within the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (the “University”) consists of two buildings: the main classrooms/official academic building at 2515 Dole Street and the Law Library at 2525 Dole Street. These buildings hold classes and other activities throughout the week and often on evenings and weekends. To provide the safest environment possible for the Law School community during an emergency, we have developed an Emergency Plan that is intended to supplement the official University’s Emergency Response Plan, as amended from time to time, and which language shall at all times control (See Appendix A). Each member of the Law School community is responsible for knowing the information contained in this plan. The Law School administration will provide periodic reminders and trainings to ensure awareness. The Law School Emergency Preparedness Plan can be accessed via the Law School’s website at www.law.hawaii.edu. The Law School is also developing a new security program. In the interim, the Law School will utilize the policies and procedures in this Emergency Preparedness Plan as appropriate.