Which Program Is Right for You?

We offer two excellent programs for foreign law graduates. Which one is right for you?


LLM Program Advanced JD Program
For many foreign law graduates, the LLM program remains an ideal choice, especially if you have only one year to devote to study.  The LLM offers a broad introduction to U.S. and international law, and you may earn a certificate in your area of specialization during your LLM year. If your goal is to take the NY or DC bar examination, your study here will satisfy the course requirements. LLM students who do exceptionally well may be considered for transfer to the JD program if they wish to continue their law study in the U.S. For other foreign law graduates, the Advanced JD offers many advantages.  Admission to the AJD program means that you may earn the JD, the main law degree in the U.S., in as little as two years.  It provides deeper training in U.S. law and better prepares you for practice issues than one-year programs.  AJD graduates also meet the educational requirements to take the bar examination in all U.S. jurisdictions.

Eligibility and Application:
A law degree or its equivalent from a foreign institution or admission to practice in a foreign jurisdiction, 580 TOEFL score. Application is available through our website.

Eligibility and Application: A law degree from an accredited or recognized foreign institution with credits approved for transfer; a minimum 600 TOEFL score or 7 IELTS unless exempted; registration through the CAS system of LSAC. Application is available through LSAC  (preferred) or our website.

Apply for Both AJD and LLM

Applicants to the AJD Program may also be considered for admission to our LLM Program for foreign law graduates without submitting a separate application.


Alison W. Conner

Professor of Law
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Spencer Kimura '96

Director of LLM and Summer Programs
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