Summer Externships

The Summer Externship Program is a mirror of the Fall and Spring Externship Program and experiences. Law students are responsible for locating and securing their own mentors. See the Externship Director for a list of previous mentors and student externs in previous summer externship programs.

Although the formal start date for the Summer Law Program is in July, placement and work in a summer Externship may begin shortly after the end of Final Exams in May, to allow all Externship placements to be concluded by the last day of the Summer law Program.

Summer externships are open to Regular Program and Part-Time JD students who have satisfactorily completed a full academic year's study. Externships are evaluated based upon a “credit/no credit” basis and registration may be for two, four, or six credit hours. Externs must complete 112 hours (not to exceed 48 hours per week except by special permission) for each two hours of credit (224 hours for 4 credit hours, 336 for 6 credit hours). Procedures, forms and opportunities for Summer Externships are the same as those for the Fall and Spring Semesters.


Dale W. Lee

Director of Professional Development
(808) 956-8636