Sommerset Wong

Hometown: Kāneʻohe, HI

Degree: BA, Psychology with a Minor in Criminal Justice, George Washington University, 2011

Why did you choose UH Law?
I chose UH Law School because I wanted to be back home and when I came to my tour, the students, faculty and staff seemed very close and inviting. The director of admissions remembered my name when I called, and that was amazing to me. The school is very community-oriented which I feel is really important to success in Law School.

What were you doing before you started Law School?
Prior to law school, I was an undergrad at George Washington University.

Describe a highlight of your law school experience.
A highlight of my Law School experience has definitely been our 1L class bonding. We have had many events that have allowed us to get to know each other especially our 1L barbecues that have helped us to keep a balance between school work and social life.

Describe your UH law school experience in 3 words.
Challenge. Balance. Edification.

What advice would you give to an entering law student?
Keep the balance and communication open with your loved ones. You'll hear this 1000 times but it really is important. They don't always know what Law School entails, so it is very important to keep them informed of the changes that you are going through and that you still love them. Work hard on your school work, but make sure you make time for them. It's tough, but so important.

What surprised you most about UH Law?
The most suprising thing about UH Law was that I really have made great friends and the professors are so open. It’s not an uptight competitive place like what I had pictured before Law School and there is a collaborative effort on school assignments. Also, it is very easy to walk into a professor's office and talk to them, even if you haven't made an appointment.

What do you wish someone had told you before you started law school?
Calm down. It may be one of the hardest things you've ever done but the support system you have will help you to get through it. This has seriously been the best advice that I've ever gotten. Work hard and it'll pay off.

What law school organizations/activities are you involved in?
Student Bar Association, Delta Theta Phi, and Ete Bowl.

Where can we find you when you're not in class?
When I'm not in class, you'll probably find me spending time with my friends and family. I especially love to spend time with and babysit my niece, Kenzie, who makes sure to remind me that life is meant to be balanced, fun and everything is not as serious as you think.

Students Speak

  • As a practicing attorney in Environmental Law in Japan, I was drawn to the strength of the Environmental Law Program at UH. I am striving to earn a specialization in Environmental Law.”
  • I love that I feel at home on campus. The faculty, administration, staff, and students create an inviting, peaceful environment. Everyone is dedicated to your success. I also get to see rainbows on a weekly basis, don’t need to wear a coat and boots durin”
  • The student body has been gracious and keeps a good balance between academics and social engagements.”
  • I think I would like to end up in the court room as a litigator. But who knows, I learn something new every day. There's no telling what will spark my interest next.”
  • The UH Law community exemplifies the Hawaiian word “ohana.” Students, faculty, and other staff are very friendly and welcoming. There is no aggressive competition between the students, and the professors are welcoming and accessible.”
  • I chose UH Law because Hawai'i is my home and I plan on staying here to practice. Also, as a Hawaiian, I am interested in Native Hawaiian Rights under the law, thus, the program here allows me to explore this interest in great depth.”
  • I was under the impression that law school was a ruthless numbers game, but I've seen for myself that even lawyers 40+ years out from Richardson will stop each other on the streets in downtown to reminisce about their time in school.”
  • After reading about law school, I was expecting the professors to publically humiliate the students with the socratic method but it turns out they are quite friendly and even humorous at times.”
  • American Inns of Court provides law students an opportunity to participate in interactive instruction with local judges and lawyers.”
  • Professor Linda Hamilton Krieger’s passion to shake up the status quo in the name of justice is contagious. Believe me – after hearing just one of her speeches, you will have the urge to do something great.”