Joanna Zeigler

Hometown: Honolulu, HI

Degree: BS, Environmental Science, Humboldt State University

Why did you choose UH Law?
I chose UH Law because I love living in Hawaiʻi and I want to practice law in Hawai‘i.

What were you doing before you started Law School?
Before I started Law School, I was working on Mauna Kea on the Big Island doing forest restoration for an endangered bird, the palila.

Where are you headed after you graduate?
Hopefully I will stay in Hawai‘i.

Describe a highlight of your law school experience.
So far I have enjoyed meeting all of the 1Ls and learning about how diverse our backgrounds are.

Describe a fellow student or professor or mentor who has inspired you.
I have been inspired by the hard work and dedication that my fellow classmates have demonstrated which forces me to strive to do my best.

Describe your favorite organization and some activities related to that organization.
I have joined a few different organizations but I think my favorite is Ete (women's flag football). I have not been a part of a sports team since I was a kid. Ete has been a great way to meet new people, get exercise, and get out of the library!

Describe your UH law school experience in 3 words.
Intense. Exciting. New.

What advice would you give to an entering law student?
Treat law school like a marathon and not a sprint. Take breaks when you need them and go outside and get some fresh air. Make sure you bring a sweater for the library!

What surprised you most about UH Law? 
I was surprised at how nice the professors are. After reading about law school, I was expecting the professors to publically humiliate the students with the Socratic method but it turns out they are quite friendly and even humorous at times.

What law school organizations/activities are you involved in? 
Advocates for Public Interest Law, Environmental Law Society, Ete, and Student Ambassadors.

Which professor has most inspired you the most?  How?
My legal practice professor has inspired me most because she is so organized and helpful. She also knows the rules of the Bluebook better then I ever will.

Where can we find you when you're not in class?
When I am not in class, I am walking my dog on trails, soaking up sun on the beach, or in a yoga class.

What do you like most about UH Law?
I like how everyone is willing to help each other out. Whenever I have had a question or have been confused about something, there is always someone who is willing to explain or clarify it for me. 

How would you describe your classmates?
They've got my back!

Students Speak

  • When I'm not in class, I can most likely be found in the library, it's the best place to study that I know. However if I'm not on campus, I'm usually spending time with friends or family around town, especially trying out the latest restaurants!”
  • I think I would like to end up in the court room as a litigator. But who knows, I learn something new every day. There's no telling what will spark my interest next.”
  • I was under the impression that law school was a ruthless numbers game, but I've seen for myself that even lawyers 40+ years out from Richardson will stop each other on the streets in downtown to reminisce about their time in school.”
  • What surprised you most about UH Law? How hard one has to work. You can't roll out of bed and get a B here.”
  • A highlight for me was volunteering to be a bailiff at the Susan B. McKay competition. I saw upperclassman compete orally in front of real lawyers and judges from our community. I was amazed at the professionalism and skill that the competitors showed.”
  • I would describe my law school classmates as “social characters.” Everyone came to this law school from many different places, financial backgrounds, and ethnicities.”
  • American Inns of Court provides law students an opportunity to participate in interactive instruction with local judges and lawyers.”
  • Keep the balance and communication open with your loved ones. You'll hear this 1000 times but it really is important.”
  • Be qualified, be prepared, ask if you don't understand, and trust yourself.”
  • There is a feeling of being one family. Everyone is working to help us to succeed.”