Christopher Rasalan Odoca

Hometown: Tamuning, Guam

Degree: B.A. Political Science, Minor in Sociology, University of Southern California

Why did you choose UH Law?
UH Law has a strong Environmental Law Program. After law school, I intend to return to Guam to practice. As Guam rapidly develops in the wake of a large buildup of U.S. military forces on the island, Guam needs more attorneys who are grounded in the field of environmental law to protect the island’s natural resources. UH Law’s Environmental Law Program offers an array of environmental law courses that help prepare me to hit the ground running as best I can, once I am finished with law school.

What were you doing before you started Law School?
Even before law school, I had an amazing opportunity to experience working with the law. As a staffer at the Guam Legislature for Vice-Speaker Benjamin Cruz, I helped research policies and draft a number of bills.

Where are you headed after you graduate?
I will head back home to Guam after I graduate.

Describe a fellow student or professor or mentor who has inspired you.
Professor Linda Hamilton Krieger’s passion to shake up the status quo in the name of justice is contagious. Believe me – after hearing just one of her speeches, you will have the urge to do something great. Dedicated, driven, and inspiring are but a few words that can only begin to describe “Auntie Linda.”

What have you most appreciated about being an Ulu Lehua Scholar?
As an Ulu Lehua Scholar, I have become a part of a smaller family and a strong niche network within the larger UH Law 'ohana.

What advice would you give to an entering law student?
Stay driven. Read "The Buffalo Creek Disaster" by Gerald M. Stern.

Students Speak

  • I love that I feel at home on campus. The faculty, administration, staff, and students create an inviting, peaceful environment. Everyone is dedicated to your success. I also get to see rainbows on a weekly basis, don’t need to wear a coat and boots durin”
  • It's the total package for me. I am able to attend law school at home, be around my family and friends, watch my nephew grow, dance hula, and be a part of a really special community at Richardson.”
  • After reading about law school, I was expecting the professors to publically humiliate the students with the socratic method but it turns out they are quite friendly and even humorous at times.”
  • I chose UH Law because I wanted to experience studying in Hawaiʻi, and I learned that the School has an excellent Environmental Law program. My graduate degree fellowship with the East-West Center is also tied with enrollment at UH.”
  • I think I would like to end up in the court room as a litigator. But who knows, I learn something new every day. There's no telling what will spark my interest next.”
  • What I like most about UH Law is the open access to our Deans and Professors, the variety of programs and events available to us, and the ability to shape the future of not just our careers, but also our law school.”
  • As a practicing attorney in Environmental Law in Japan, I was drawn to the strength of the Environmental Law Program at UH. I am striving to earn a specialization in Environmental Law.”
  • UH Law school has not only a good educational program but also diverse cultural environment. I thought I could experience something that I couldn’t get from the Mainland.”
  • I would describe my law school classmates as “social characters.” Everyone came to this law school from many different places, financial backgrounds, and ethnicities.”
  • The UH Law community exemplifies the Hawaiian word “ohana.” Students, faculty, and other staff are very friendly and welcoming. There is no aggressive competition between the students, and the professors are welcoming and accessible.”