Leon J.C. Davenport, III

Hometown: Willingboro, NJ

Degree: BA, University of Washington, 2006

Why did you choose UH Law?
I wanted to continue my education in a manner that would allow me to continue to grow my roots here in Hawaiʻi.

What were you doing before you started Law School?
I worked for former lieutenant governor and Richardson graduate Duke Aiona.

Where are you headed after you graduate?
With luck, nowhere. I want to stay right here.

Describe a fellow student or professor or mentor who has inspired you.
Kenneth Lawson, for being at the top of the highest mountain, falling to the lowest valley, and picking himself back up and climbing that mountain again.

Describe your favorite organization and some activities related to that organization. 
The UH Law School Soccer Team offers the ideal way to unwind Friday afternoons. Practices allow me to clear my mind, relax, and play the game I love with my future colleagues.

What advice would you give to an entering law student?
Find someway to achieve some semblance of balance. Much of your life will revolve around school, but continue to do the things you are passionate about. That will be your touchstone as you move through school.

What surprised you most about UH Law? 
How hard one has to work. You can't roll out of bed and get a B here.

What law school organizations/activities are you involved in?   
Black Law Students Organization (BLSA), Filipino Law Students Association (FLSA), and UH Law Soccer. I also play Lawyers League Basketball with my classmates, and we play practicing lawyers in the community.

What do you like most about UH Law?
The welcoming community. Everyone wants everyone else to succeed. That's a credit to the administration, the faculty, and the community.

How would you describe your classmates?
Driven, yet friendly.


Students Speak

  • The student body has been gracious and keeps a good balance between academics and social engagements.”
  • I chose Richardson because I know I want to live and practice in Hawaii after I finish school. Richardson provides the best opportunity for networking and connecting with the Hawaii legal community.”
  • I chose UH because they offer a specialization in Criminal law. The other reason is the fact that I wanted to live in Hawai'i.”
  • What I was most surprised about was the diversity of my 1L class. It’s amazing how many different backgrounds, interests and personalities are represented. ”
  • I was working at the Al Lawati law firm which provides legal service to Oman Oil in Oman. I had previously practiced law in Iran since 2001.”
  • I would describe my law school classmates as “social characters.” Everyone came to this law school from many different places, financial backgrounds, and ethnicities.”
  • Before I started Law School I taught high school English at my alma mater for a few years. After teaching, I worked with the local organization that managed AmeriCorps programs in American Sāmoa.”
  • Professor Linda Hamilton Krieger’s passion to shake up the status quo in the name of justice is contagious. Believe me – after hearing just one of her speeches, you will have the urge to do something great.”
  • A highlight for me was volunteering to be a bailiff at the Susan B. McKay competition. I saw upperclassman compete orally in front of real lawyers and judges from our community. I was amazed at the professionalism and skill that the competitors showed.”
  • I knew my family and I would be happy here, and I've always wanted to live in Hawaiʻi. I was also attracted by WSRSL's small size compared to other Tier One law schools.”