Adil Kutbi

Hometown:  Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Degree: Bachelor's degree in Law from King Abdulaziz UniversityWhy did you choose UH Law?

Why did you choose UH Law?

I chose UH Law for its good reputation that I heard from other Saudi UH graduates and because of its unique location in Hawaii.

What were you doing before you started your LLM?

I was working in the legal department in a tourism company under the supervision of a training attorney. I was drafting and reviewing company contracts and representing the company in court. After leaving the company I practiced law serving individual clients until I got a scholarship from Saudi Arabian government to study law in the U.S.

Where are you headed after you graduate?

I intend to work in the legal department of a government agency or in a law firm.

Describe UH Law in three words?

Inspirational, Unique and Motivated.

Where can we find you when you're not in class?

You can find me playing with my daughter at home, swimming and surfing in Waikiki beach or in the restaurants, trying different food.

What advice would you give to an entering law student?

Be qualified, be prepared, ask if you don't understand, and trust yourself.

Where is your favorite place to study?

In my bedroom and in the library.

What Law School organizations/activities are you involved in?

I enjoyed the trip hiking to the top Diamond Head with Dean Soifer!

What surprised you most about UH Law?

How the mix of students from different countries and multicultural backgrounds all study together in the same school. 

What do you like most about UH Law?

I like how UH Law invites actual state and federal judges to hold real hearings in the Moot Court Room to allow students to see what actually happens in court.

Students Speak

  • What I was most surprised about was the diversity of my 1L class. It’s amazing how many different backgrounds, interests and personalities are represented. ”
  • I think I would like to end up in the court room as a litigator. But who knows, I learn something new every day. There's no telling what will spark my interest next.”
  • I chose UH Law because I wanted to experience studying in Hawaiʻi, and I learned that the School has an excellent Environmental Law program. My graduate degree fellowship with the East-West Center is also tied with enrollment at UH.”
  • Professor Linda Hamilton Krieger’s passion to shake up the status quo in the name of justice is contagious. Believe me – after hearing just one of her speeches, you will have the urge to do something great.”
  • After reading about law school, I was expecting the professors to publically humiliate the students with the socratic method but it turns out they are quite friendly and even humorous at times.”
  • Law school teaches me valuable skills while constantly presenting challenges which test and try my abilities.”
  • As a practicing attorney in Environmental Law in Japan, I was drawn to the strength of the Environmental Law Program at UH. I am striving to earn a specialization in Environmental Law.”
  • Before I started Law School I taught high school English at my alma mater for a few years. After teaching, I worked with the local organization that managed AmeriCorps programs in American Sāmoa.”
  • I knew my family and I would be happy here, and I've always wanted to live in Hawaiʻi. I was also attracted by WSRSL's small size compared to other Tier One law schools.”
  • It's the total package for me. I am able to attend law school at home, be around my family and friends, watch my nephew grow, dance hula, and be a part of a really special community at Richardson.”