Students for Public Outreach & Civic Education (SPOCE)

Students for Public Outreach and Civic Education’s (SPOCE) mission is to empower at-risk youth by teaching classes about the law and its effects on their lives, to help them become more informed citizens and active members of the community.  The program seeks to advance justice by developing law students who take pride in public service and civic education.

SPOCE aims to prevent future legal need by encouraging advocacy and making youth aware of legal issues and concerns that impact their community.  By teaching the law and by interacting with the community, law students act as positive role models for youth while learning the practical applications of legal concepts and practicing important lawyering skills. 

SPOCE carries out its mission through various public outreach and civic education programs, including: 1) Street Law classes on substantive law; 2) the Jon Van Dyke First Amendment Project; 3) Mock Trial and Moot Court Coaching; 4) the Annual Discover Law Conference; 5) through a partnership with the Hawaii Supreme Court, in the Courts in the Community Project, and the 6) 2012 U.S. Supreme Court Juris-in-Residence Town Hall meeting.

Student leaders 2013-14:

  • Cassie Bagay: Co-President
  • Mari Fujimoto: Co-President
  • Mike Dunford: First Amendment Coordinator
  • David Klaponski: Forms Coordinator
  • Christina Simpson: Curriculum Coordinator
  • Courtney Takara: Public Relations Officer
  • Nikki Yamauchi: Secretary