Filipino Law Students Association (FLSA)

The Filipino Law Students Association (FLSA) is dedicated to strengthening the Filipino community through Filipino scholarship and leadership in Hawai’i’s legal community. 

FLSA also aims to raise awareness about important contemporary issues facing Filipinos, especially Filipino women, as an oppressed class of Hawai’i society, mindful that these issues are related to struggles in the Philippines and in the Native Hawaiian community. 

FLSA works closely with Hawai‘i Filipino Lawyers Association (HFLA) to provide networking opportunities for FLSA members. Each year FLSA offers two (2) $500 Scholarship Awards to members. Membership is multiethnic and scholarship opportunities are free and open to all law school students.


  • President - Khara Jabola Carolus
  • Vice President - Cassie Bagay
  • Treasurer - Sheena Crail
  • Outreach Coordinator - Shelby Ferrer
  • HFLA Representative/Outreach - Desiree Manuel