Room Policies

The Requestor is responsible for the appropriate use of the room(s) and for restoring the rooms to their pre-use condition: removal of trash, returning chairs/tables/furniture to their original configurations, erasing chalkboards/whiteboards, and ensuring that the doors are closed/locked.

The tables in the Seminar Rooms are in a discussion configuration. Tables and chairs may be moved, but they should be returned to their original configurations upon conclusion. Foodstuffs to be discarded and trash are to be bagged and placed in the Industrial dumpster in Parking Lot 17 outside Seminar Room 5 (see Campus Map attached - upper left hand corner), rather than placed in the limited sized rubbish containers in the Law School Courtyard, especially as there will be no custodial service until the following day (especially critical for weekend events).

Requestor is responsible for arranging equipment or associated facility needs (AV & technical needs, alcohol permits, parking, etc.)

Participants who intend to park on campus may park in the UH-M Parking Structure, Lot 20 (not to be confused with Lot 17 which is also adjacent to the Law School). The Parking Booth is located on the Lower Campus Athletic Facilities utility road. Enter from Dole Street.

Parking fees (effective January 1, 2012):

Mon - Fri, 5am - 4pm: $5.00
Mon - Fri, 4pm - closing: $6.00
Saturday & Special Events, 5am - closing: $6.00

Mon - Fri, 6:30am - 4pm: $5.00
Mon - Fri, 4pm - closing: $6.00
Saturday & Special Events, 6:30am - closing: $6.00

Mon - Fri, 6:30am - 4pm: $4.00 per hour at pay-to-park stations *
Mon - Fri, 4pm - closing: $6.00
Saturday & Special Events, 6:30am - closing: $6.00
* Hourly rates remain unchanged.

Be advised that the Law School facilities are used by our students literally 24/7 and all students have access to all rooms at the Law School during and after regular business hours. Organizations reserving rooms for use at the Law School are asked to be respectful of other uses of our facilities in the same fashion that our law students are advised that guests using our facilities are to be treated as guests, as well.

Any emergency issues should be reported immediately to UH-M Campus Security at 956-6911.

Note: As a general policy, no room reservations are allowed during study period and finals. Faculty who have meetings/conferences, etc. may reserve rooms at the Law School during Study and Final Exam weeks, and all year round. The restriction on Reservations of Classrooms, Seminar Rooms, Conference Rooms during these weeks does not apply to Faculty and applies to students, and non – law school groups, only.

Please check the room reservation calendar to verify that the reservation has been done correctly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at or 956-8478.