Remi Bye, LLM 2009

Hometown: Bergen, Norway
Prior Degrees: Master of Laws, University of Bergen


I work in a private child protection organization that offers services for the government to place kids/youth into institutions when the parents aren't able to provide care for the kids. I currently work with two young refugee boys from Afghanistan, who have no parents or other family in Norway. I am also a legal consultant for the entire organization, dealing with the legal framework that guides our line of profession, from children’s rights in institutions, to procurement procedures and contracts, safety regulations, quality control etc. Right now I am training forty to fifty employees in the rules and regulations that deal with children’s rights, and the boundaries for the use of force by the people working in institutions.


The year I spent in Hawai`i helped me to learn on so many levels; a whole different system of education, better suited environment for critical thinking, broadening my perspective on law as a field. I think the variety of classes offered at Richardson is better suited to give students a broader view of the law. In Hawai`i, I experienced so much about the history, people, and diversity of everything: cultures, food, language, and nature. I will just say that for me it was fantastic! It was the overall experience of Hawai`i, and the school that managed to make me want to go to school again. That was my best experience!


Have an open mind in all that you do when you are in Hawai΄i. Meet people, all kinds of people. Try to get an understanding of the place and the people, that goes beyond what Waikiki offers. As a student, I'd say to go with the flow, try lots of things, don't be a stranger, and spend time with people. Be there in the moment and do not just look at it as studying to become something.