Reciprocity Policy

The William S. Richardson School of Law Career Services Office may provide limited utilization of its career resources to third-year students or graduates of other ABA-approved and NALP member law schools which agree to provide reciprocal services to students and graduates of the William S. Richardson School of Law. As we receive far greater requests for assistance than the number we make on behalf of our students and graduates, we heavily limit the number of schools with whom we will establish reciprocity to those located in areas of mutual interest to our students and graduates. Accordingly, the William S. Richardson School of Law maintains the following policy:

  1. Reciprocity will be considered on a one-for-one exchange basis only to graduates and third-year students of ABA-accredited/NALP member law schools located in regions of mutual interest to our students and/or alumni (as determined by this law school’s Career Services Director and which may differ from year to year). All requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. All requests for reciprocal services must be made in writing by a Dean of Students or Career Services/Counseling official at least two weeks in advance of a visit by the student or graduate. Letters transmitted by fax, regular mail and/or email WILL be accepted; however, telephone requests WILL NOT be accepted. The Career Services Office will not honor any walk-in requests.
  3. Our Career Services office will respond in writing to the requesting school. Only after receiving a copy of our letter granting reciprocity may the student/graduate visit our office. He/she must bring that letter with him/her along with photo identification and a current copy of their résumé. We strongly recommend calling ahead to make an appointment as the career services official may not be available upon the student’s/graduate’s arrival.
  4. Reciprocal services include a single 30-minute counseling appointment, limited access to online job postings on the Career Services website, review of monthly bulletins and postings, newsletters, publications, and periodicals.
  5. Services DO NOT include access to law library resources or to any restricted email lists. Also not included are résumé referral services, vacancy announcements for student law clerks, and on-campus interview appointments with prospective employers. In addition, we will not read listings over the phone.
  6. If a reciprocity grantee responds to any listing information obtained through this office, they are required to indicate in their cover letter that they obtained the information through a reciprocal agreement between their law school (by name) and the William S. Richardson School of Law.
  7. The Office of Career Services is closed to reciprocity from August 1 to October 15.
  8. Reciprocity services are available for a period not to exceed one calendar year, beginning with the date of the response letter from the Career Services Office.
  9. In addition, further regulations or termination of services may apply to any school or alumni misusing the services. The Career Services official reserves the right to deny or terminate privileges to any grantee whose conduct is inappropriate or dishonorable.
  10. The Career Services Office may terminate, suspend, or amend this Policy, in whole or in part, without prior notice or when it is deemed necessary.



Dale W. Lee

Director of Professional Development
(808) 956-8636