Richardson Law School Earns Praise After Review by Association of American Law Schools

June 29, 2012

The William S. Richardson School of Law received praise and approval last week from the Association of American Law Schools’ Executive Committee for changes it  made to enhance the efficiency of its current facilities as well as for major improvements to the Law Library.

In confirming the continuing AALS membership of the Law School, Executive Director Susan Westerberg Prager wrote: “These actions and assurances are significant, and the Association accepts them as the basis for determining the status of the Law School’s compliance with requirements of AALS membership.”

The AALS undertakes a review of facilities and programs during a law school’s accreditation review conducted every seven years by the American Bar Association. The Richardson Law School site visit occurred in February of 2010 and the ABA-AALS site visit committee findings were reviewed during the 2011-12 academic year. In November, 2011, the ABA notified the Law School that it has been fully reaccredited by the ABA.

Last week, the AALS joined in noting improvements made by the Law School in terms of its facilities and its increased number of faculty members teaching in its innovative part-time evening program.

Law School Dean Avi Soifer commented, “It is very nice to have the ABA and AALS fully approve our programs and note the improvements we have made. Our facilities will remain an issue in the future, however, unless we can make substantial progress in that realm. Thankfully, we are well-launched in that effort.”