Resources for Pre-Law Advisors

We created the following series of lists to answer frequently asked questions about the law school application process for the UH Mānoa Pre-Law Advising Center.

Application Fee Waivers:

Which law schools offer application fee waivers?

Deadlines & Dean's Letter Requirements:

When is my application due? Does this school require a dean's letter from my undergraduate institution?

Decisions, Decisions:

When and how will I learn if I have been admitted to law school?

Establishing Residency:

I am a non-resident. May I establish residency in your state while/by attending your state law school?

Summer Pre-Law Programs:

I am undergraduate student who is interested in exploring a career in law. What summer programs are available to me?

Accelerated Admissions & Accelerated Degree Programs: 

Which law schools offer accelerated admissions to prospective college students (ex., 3+3 programs) and accelerated degree programs to prospective law students (ex., 2-year JD programs, 3-year JD/MBA programs)?


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Director of Admissions
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