Jae-Hyup Lee

  • International Visiting Scholar
  • Professor, School of Law, Seoul National University


Jae-Hyup Lee is Professor of Law at Seoul National University and an international visiting scholar at WSRSL. He earned his BA in anthropology at Seoul National University, a PhD in American Civilization at the University of Pennsylvania, and a JD at Northwestern University in Chicago. Professor Lee’s research interest includes environmental law, climate change law, energy law, the intersection between law and culture, and the empirical studies on the jury as well as the legal profession. Professor Lee has been a frequent visitor to the University of Hawai'i Law School over the past several years, teaching short courses and organizing various seminars. He was the Wallace S. Fujiyama Visiting Professor in 2011 and is currently a research associate at the Law and Film Institute of the University of Hawai'i Law School.