Tae-Ung Baik

  • Associate Professor of Law
  • Chair, Pacific-Asian Legal Studies


  • LLB Seoul National University
  • LLM cum laude Notre Dame Law School
  • JSD magna cum laude Notre Dame Law School


Dr. Tae-Ung Baik joined the William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii in 2011. Before coming to Hawaii, he had been Assistant Professor and Director of the Korean Legal Studies Program at the Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia (UBC) since 2003. From 2002-2003, he conducted research on human rights issues as a visiting scholar at Harvard Law School. Professor Baik teaches international law, international criminal law, human rights, comparative law, and Korean law.

Dr. Baik was born in South Korea and graduated from Seoul National University College of Law. He earned his master (LL.M.) and doctoral (JSD) degrees on international human rights law from Notre Dame Law School in the U.S. He was admitted to the Bar in the State of New York, and worked for Human Rights Watch in New York as a research intern and later as a research consultant with a focus on human rights problems in both North and South Koreas. He served the South Korean Delegation to the 56th United Nations Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights as a legal adviser.

Professor Baik was engaged in the democracy movement against the military dictatorship in the 1980-90s in South Korea. He is still widely involved in human rights advocacy projects. His book, “Emerging Regional Human Rights Systems in Asia,” was published by Cambridge University Press in 2012. This book is currently being translated into Korean by Changbi Publishing Co. in Seoul.





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  • Sesangilki (reading the world) op-ed columns, The Hangyoreh (May 20, 2013- present)
  • External contribution, The Hangyoreh (2011-2012)
  • Achimeui Hyanggi (morning aroma) op-ed columns, The Hangyoreh (Aug. 12, 1999- Dec.27, 1999).
  • Occasionally contributed short op-ed columns to the Hangyoreh, one of the major national newspapers in South Korea. Currently, I am contributing a column once every three weeks. The subjects of my columns include: the sovereignty of Korea, international law, and Korea’s relations with the US and China, etc.
  • The Status of Korean Law in the World Community [Segyeosogeui Hangukpeopeui Uisang], Byeobyeon 28 (2013).


  • The Failure of North Korean Criminal Justice Process [in progress].
  • Filtered Universalism: human rights norms and constitutionalism in Asia [in progress].
  • What Is to Be Done: Corporate Social Responsibility and Economic Democracy in Korea [in progress].

Recent Presentations

Human Rights Cooperation in East Asia, World Korean Forum, University of British Columbia (UBC) (6/25/13).

Consolidation of Democracy at the Crossroads: Domestic and International Challenges against Park Geun-hye Government, Center for Asia Pacific Education (5/11/13).

The Origins of North Korean Challenges, Aloha Chapter of Inns of Court (5/2/13).

Reception and Resistance: Korean Death Penalty Norms, UH-KLRI Conference, University of Hawai'i (UH) (4/26/13).

The Politics of North Korea, Center for Korean Studies, UH (4/19/13).

William C. Jones Annual Lecture: Public Interest Litigation in South Korea, Washington University in St. Louis (3/7/13).

Consolidating Democracy and Human Rights Systems in South Korea, Memories of Aloha for Jon Symposium, UH (2/1/13).

Teaching Korean Law in North America, Korean Legislation Research Institute (12/14/12).

A Comparison of the Common Law System and the Civil Law System, Sungkyunkwan University Law School (12/12/12).

Korea's Role in Promoting Regional Human Rights Systems in Asia, The SSK Human Rights Forum (12/5/12).

East Asian Community and Human Rights Cooperation, Korea Univ. (11/30/12)

Korean Presidential Election and the Catchphrase of Economic Democracy, CAPE, Honolulu (11/15/12).

Social Healing through Justice : Jeju case, UH School of Law and World Association for Island Studies and World Environment and Island Institute, Jeju National University (11/7/12).

Corporate Social Responsibility and Economic Democracy in South Korea, Univ. of Sydney (8/4/12).

The World of Legal Occupation, Youngwon Elementary School, Korea (7/10/12).

A Regional Human Rights Court for East Asian Community, Law and Society Ass. (6/8/12).

Human Rights Violations in North Korea, [with some variations], UH Law School (11/21/11); Univ. of Washington (2/15/12); UBC(2/17/12); CKS, Univ. of Hawaii (3/15/12); Community Lecture, UH (4/29/12); The One Law Corporation, Korea (7/19/12).

The Historical Development of Early Korean Immigration to Hawaii and its Legal Structure, East Asian Law and Society Conference, Yonsei Univ., Korea (9/30/11).

East Asian Community and International Human Rights Cooperation, Korea Univ. Law School, Korea (9/29/11)

Korea, Asia and the World connected through International Human Rights Law, Korean Bar Association Continuing Education Lecture, Korea (6/22/11).

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The Significance of Cooperative approach in the enforcement of international norms, Korean International Law Association Conference, Korea (10/22/10).

Cultural Values Reflected in Korean Human Rights Today, East Rock Institute (6/29/10)

More than a Gulag: Notions of Human Rights in North Korea, East Rock Institute (6/29/10)

Filtered Universalism: The development of human rights norms and constitutionalism in Asia, Inaugural East Asian Law and Society Conference, Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (2/5/10)