Pacific-Asian Legal Studies (PALS)

In keeping with Hawai‘i's location, culture and history, the Law School has long emphasized Pacific-Asian Legal Studies (PALS). Our Pacific-Asian courses are increasingly important as American law practice has become ever more globalized. They continue to provide a comparative perspective on the U.S. legal system, which we believe is valuable for all of our students.

The Law School offers more courses on Asian law than almost any other law school, and we are the only American law school to teach Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islands law.

We offer to our students:

  • an unusually broad selection of courses on Pacific-Asian legal issues;
  • permanent faculty members who teach courses in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Filipino law on a regular basis, and
  • visiting Asian scholars who offer shorter specialty courses on law in Pacific-Asian states.

We also encourage students to broaden their exposure to Asia and the Pacific through externships, language training and law study abroad, as well as through participation in area studies centers on the University of Hawai‘i campus.

Pacific-Asian Legal Studies Website

Pacific-Asian Legal Studies Brochure .pdf


Tae-Ung Baik

Associate Professor of Law
(808) 956-7838