Nondiscrimination Policy

All employers wishing to participate in the On-Campus Interview (OCI) program and/or on-campus recruiting activities must sign an acknowledgment form indicating they have read and will adhere to the non-discrimination policy of University of Hawai‘i, William S. Richardson School of Law. The Law School non-discrimination policy statement is as follows:

The School of Law asks that all interviewers be familiar with fair employment and interview practices and that they refrain from making any illegal inquiries. In addition, the School of Law opposes, in the strongest terms, discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin, gender, age, religion, physical disability, marital, parental or veteran status, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Employers who recruit on campus and utilize the placement services are expected to share this viewpoint and to act accordingly.

Please be aware that though Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been repealed, there are still unresolved issues of discrimination involving LGBT individuals by the United States military employment policies. The William S. Richardson school of law is required by law and by the central University administration to allow military employers equal access to campus recruiting opportunities, despite military policies which violate our law school’s non-discrimination policy. The military must adhere to all other recruitment policies of the law school.

You should be aware that in allowing military employers to recruit on campus, the law school is complying with the mandate of The Solomon Amendment that is a part of the National Defense Authorization Act of 1995. The Solomon Amendment stipulates that Federal funds, such as student aid, will be denied to any school that prevents the military from recruiting on its campus.


Dale W. Lee

Director of Professional Development
(808) 956-8636