December 2012 Alumni Newsletter Vol 24, Issue 3


Golfers Mark Your Calendars: Law School Golf Tourney Scheduled for August 2013
Friday, August 23rd

Alumni golfers, please mark your calendars for the afternoon of Friday, August 23, 2013 for our 23rd Law Benefit Golf Tournament at Hawaii Kai Golf Course.  After many years as a spring event, we will be returning to the late summer (where we began) in 2013 to avoid conflicts with the HSBA’s annual tournament and to better dovetail with a number of special events being planned for the Law School’s 40th Anniversary.  More details will be forthcoming in our 2013 newsletters.

He Haliʻa a No Aloha Jon - Memories of Aloha for Jon International Symposium
January 30 - February 1, 2013

The University of Hawai`i Law Review and the Jon Van Dyke Institute of International Law and Justice will honor the work and memory of Professor Jon M. Van Dyke by hosting an international symposium January 30-February 1, 2013 entitled He Hali`a No Aloha Jon - Memories of Aloha for Jon. Guided by Professor Van Dyke's interests and passions, the symposium will feature presentations and panel discussions with some of the world's most renowned scholars and legal professionals who were Professor Van Dyke's peers and colleagues.  Topics will include Strategies for Peaceful Resolutions in the Northeast Asian Seas, Climate Change and Sea Level Rise, International Environmental and Nuclear Law, Human Rights in Asia, International Environmental Law, Indigenous Tradition and Custom in Decision Making, and the Development of the Rights of Indigenous People.  The symposium, to be held at the William S. Richardson School of Law, is co-sponsored by the HSBA International Law Section, Carlsmith Ball LLP, the East West Center, the Center for Korean Studies, the School of Asia Pacific Studies, and the William S. Richardson School of Law.  Colleagues and former students of Professor Van Dyke are encouraged to attend.  Visit or contact Sherry Broder at for more information or to volunteer.


Bruzers top Etes 36 to 18 in Ete Bowl XXXIV
Get your limited edition Bruzers T-Shirt

Bruzer Managers wearing commemorative T-shirt
(Mahalo to James Garrett of the Honolulu Star Advertiser for the photo.)

2012 Bruzers and Etes
(Except as otherwise indicated, the pictures for this story were generously provided by Mars Johnson '08.)

The sky was thick with clouds, but the hillside above the field was still thick with fans for the alumnae as this year’s edition of the alumnae Bruzers took on the game law student Etes in Ete Bowl XXXIV.  The fans brought more tents than in past years and the atmosphere was one of a true “homecoming,” as many Bruzers of the past as well as the injured reserve also filled the hillside.  The Bruzers even had some pom-pom wavers to give them support.  The pre-game and half-time also featured some hot moves by this year’s extremely fetching Ete Bowl Queen contestants.

Bruzer O-line ready for action

After last year’s handy 36-0 victory, the Bruzers may have come into the game a little overconfident.  However, the Bruzers found this year’s Ete team steeled by that experience and had to work hard to grit out a 36 - 18 victory that featured two key late interceptions by the Bruzer defense.  Looking across the field it seemed that there were a million white (Ete) jerseys, but the Bruzers counted on quality over quantity and hoped that the loss of players during the practice season would not prove fatal.

Jessica Domingo gets ready to kick off

The Bruzers’ kicking game was a strong suit, featuring former U.H. Women’s Soccer star Jessica Domingo who repeatedly pinned the Etes within their own territory on kickoffs and punts.  The offensive line was also a strong suit, allowing no sacks for the game (maybe they can give some tips to the U.H. Warriors). The team also featured a number of new players, including Christie Trenholme (’10) on offense and the Class of 2012’s Kelly Morikone, Kristin Shinkawa, Haʻa Kahoʻohalahala, and Tiffany Gourley on the defense.

The Ete’s kicked off to the Bruzers’ Trisha Nishimoto (’10), who returned the kick to the Etes’ 35 yard line (with an 80-yard field, the 35 is five yards from midfield, the 40-yard line), after three dives up the middle by Stacy Kailio (’90) and a sweep left by Jamie Sheu (’07) for 10 yards,  Trisha scored on a fly motion around the left end.  After the Etes’ drive sputtered, the Bruzers took over on downs.  The Bruzers looked like they were going to be pinned for a loss on a QB scramble toward the left sideline, but QB Miriah Holden (’08) pitched to an alert Jamie Sheu, who cut back across the field for a 12-yard gain.  After a few short runs and passes, Holden hit Trenholme on an 18-yard TD pass.  After the Etes turned the ball over on downs again, the Bruzers scored quickly, this time on a one-play-all-the-way drive consisting of a perfectly thrown pass from Holden to Nishimoto on a fly pattern down the left sideline.  The Etes, now down 18 – 0, replied with their own one-play-all-the-way on a perfectly executed “draw” on which the Ete running back scampered 40 yards up the middle while the QB continued to drop back pretending to be winding up for a big pass.  (Half-time Bruzers 18 – Etes 6.)

Ete Bowl - Ete Queen and Court

After the spirited half-time program featuring the Ete Bowl Queen contestants’ best dance moves (shaving of facial hair did not seem to be required this year), the second half got under way.  The Etes received the kickoff, but were held by a sturdy Bruzer defense with defensive captain Sonja McCullen (’02) stopping two Ete plays in their backfield and Stephanie Thompson (’05) batting down a pass.  The Etes punted to Trisha Nishimoto, who returned the kick to the Ete 35.  Two plays later, Holden hit receiver Jessica Domingo on a post for the Bruzers’ fourth TD.  After the teams exchanged the ball twice, the Etes struck again on their first play from scrimmage, a sweep around the right end for their second TD.  The Bruzers’ next series sputtered and the Etes took over.  After the Etes gained first down on a Bruzer interference call, they ran off-tackle for a first down, and then completed a quick shovel pass up the middle to the one-foot line.  The speedy Ete QB then bootlegged around the left end for the Etes’ third score.

Lauren Nakamura readies for her interception

With the touchdown count standing at 4-3 in their favor and five minutes left on the clock, the Bruzers were checking their rear view mirrors.  Nishimoto returned the Etes’ punt to the Ete 30.  After Kailio gained a 1st down up the middle and Nishimoto swept right for 9 yards, the Bruzers were first-and-goal at the nine-yard line.  The Bruzers then punched the ball up the middle to the two, but a false start put them back at fourth-and-goal at the seven.  Holden pitched to Nishimoto around the right end and she sprinted for the pylon, making it with inches to spare as she laid out, ending up half way up the sideline hillside.  The Etes returned Domingo’s kick-off, but with only two minutes to play, they were forced to loft a deep pass, which was intercepted by cornerback Kristin Shinkawa.  On the Bruzers’ third play from scrimmage, and with about a minute left to play, Holden threw a perfect spiral to Domingo in stride on a post pattern and she outran the Ete defenders.   With time running out, the Etes again lofted a deep pass down the right sideline, but this time the ball was intercepted by cornerback Lauren Nakamura and the game ended with the Bruzers up 36 (6 touchdowns) to 18 (3 TDs).

Etes score!

Trisha Nishimoto eludes Ete defender

The Bruzers’ Offense was ably coached by Nate Nelson (’06) and Seth Harris (’01), while their Defense was coached by Ka`upena Soon (’10), David Arakawa (’81), Keani Alapa (’11) and James Hoapili.  The team would like to thank their managers for providing them with hydration throughout the game—“Mahalo” to:  Haunani Burns (’80), Linda Chow (’88), Colette Gomoto (’86), Lea Hong (’91), Rosemary McShane (’81), Julie Padron, Linda Martell (’87) and Hope and Leah Barkai.  After the game, hand-shaking, picture taking, etc., the Etes hosted the Bruzers to an ono luau on the side of the field.  The Bruzers wish to thank the Etes for their hospitality.

WSRSL Gardening Project

Fifteen volunteers spruced up the WSRSL gardens on Sunday, November 11th.  Our WSRSL students brought their youthful enthusiasm and well-toned muscles to plant native species, pull weeds, trim shrubs, spread mulch and fertilizer.  Judge Jim Burns improved his garden by adding another multi-hued ti plant while the law students planted more kupukupu ferns as ground cover.  Retired Dean of Academic Affairs, Casey Jarman Leigh, joined the group to dedicate the healthy hapu'u fern planted in honor of her many years of service to the WSRSL Environmental Law program.  This past August, an alahe'e shrub was planted in memory of beloved Constitutional and International Law Professor, Jon Van Dyke. 

The landscaping of our Law School is now maintained regularly by law students and alumni in an effort to beautify the courtyard gardens and the ewa parking lot.  These joint gardening projects occur every three months and the next one will be held in February.  Please join us for some fun, exercise and fresh air plus the opportunity to meet and mentor our very engaging law students.  No prior gardening experience is necessary, just a willingness to get a little dirty and provide friendly answers to questions posed by our current crop of law students.

Justice Edward H. Nakamura Panel

Lowell Chun-Hoon, Nadine Nakamura, Tom Coffman, Eric Yamamoto, Judge Daniel R. Foley

On September 27, Advocates of Public Interest Law (APIL) sponsored a teach-in and celebration of Hawai`i Supreme Court Justice Edward H. Nakamura. The symposium was inspired by the book "I Respectfully Dissent," by Tom Coffman. On the panel were: author Tom Coffman, Intermediate Court of Appeals Judge Daniel Foley, labor law attorney Lowell Chun-Hoon, Kauai Council Member Nadine Nakamura, and the Fred T. Korematsu Professor of Law and Social Justice Eric Yamamoto.

Martha Nakamura

Highlights of the event included the introduction of Justice Nakamura's widow, Martha Nakamura; and the return of Professor Eric Yamamoto. The event also included heart-felt testimonies from six of Justice Nakamura's former law clerks: Jim Williston '78, Seth Reiss '80, Clay Nagao '82, Sandra Hoshida '84, Linda Martell '87, and Everett Kaneshige.  Copies of Coffman's book were sold at the event. Also, the Leni Marin Scholarship was presented at this event to Sharde Freitas '13.

9th All Class Reunion

Professor Jon Van Dyke's life, legend and legacy were celebrated by 165 alumni and guests on September 28th at the Hale Koa Hotel.  Kupaoa, the duo consisting of Lihau Hannahs Paik ('07) and her husband, Kellen Paik, entertained everyone with their nahenahe (sweet, melodic) voices singing traditional Hawaiian melodies.  Billy Ornellas ('79) opened the 9th All Class Reunion with a pule (prayer) and invited all the Kamehameha Schools alumni to join him in singing the "Doxology."  Then Noa Dettweiler ('05) chanted a special 'oli (chant) which described JVD as the ʻiwa (great frigate bird) soaring above the waves of the broad sea, circling the globe often and yet always returning home to malama (to take care of) the people of Hawai'i and our ʻaina (land) .  Meanwhile, Noelle Kahanu ('92) presented the Broder Van Dyke Ohana with a kahili she crafted from feathers of the soaring ʻiwa and the ʻaina-bound moa (chicken) secured to a handle carved from native milo wood from Waimanalo.   Kolohe (mischievous) hula was danced by Kaleo Nacapoy ('12) and Landon Patoc ('14) to the delight of all.  And all the foregoing was before we sat down to a 'ono loa (very delicious) lu'au feast of huli chicken, pulehu beef, butterfish in laulau, and kalua pork accompanied by poi and fried rice with a variety of salads including lomi salmon, mixed seaweeds and pickled vegetable slices.

Watch the video featured at the reunion: Story of Jon Van Dyke

Emcee, Derek Kobayashi ('90), recognized the Special Reunion Classes:  1977 (35th), 1982 (30th), 1987 (25th), 1992 (20th), 1997 (15th), 2002 (10th), 2007 (5th) and 2012 (latest class to graduate from WSRSL).  On behalf of the WSRSL Alumni Association, Jim Williston ('78) presented Sherry Broder with the Honorary Degree awarded to Professor Van Dyke.  Debbie Lee ('82) presented Sherry Broder with a $1,000 check to be used as "seed" money for the January 2013 JVD Conference on International Law and Justice.  Ms. Broder spoke about JVD's love for Hawai'i, our Law School and all his WSRSL students with the hope that his haumana (students) will carry on his mission to promote true justice and the rule of law.  Chris Yuen ('82) reminded the audience that JVD was not much older than his eldest students and strove to lead an ordinary life raising a family while teaching.  Yet in his too-short life, JVD accomplished so much with his writing, research, teaching and diplomacy that his impact on Hawai'i and the world will resonate for ages.  Eric Broder Van Dyke created a very touching video of his Father showcasing the multiple facets of this extraordinary gentleman.

As President of WSRSLAA, Debbie Lee ('82) presented Law Dean Avi Soifer with a check for $3,000 to fund student scholarships.  She also gave $500 to retired Law Dean Dick Miller to assist with the research and writing of the history of our Law School.  WSRSL celebrates its 40th birthday in 2013 and a book will feature everything you wanted to know about our law school and then some more.

Alumnus of the Year Calvin Young accepts his award

Finally the program ended with the recognition of our three 2012 alumni honorees:  Calvin E. Young ('82) as WSRSLAA Outstanding Alumnus of the Year, Rosemary T. Fazio ('78) as WSRSL Public Service Award and Rebecca L. Dayhuff ('07) as the WSRSL Dean's Awardee.  Please go to the following links to read more about each of our three outstanding honorees:

Dean's Alumna of the Year Rebecca Dayhuff ('07)
WSRSLAA Outstanding Alumnus Calvin Young ('82)
Public Service Award Rosemary T. Fazio ('78)

MCPE Course with Professor Emertius Addison Bowman

Law professor emeritus, Addison Bowman, taught a MCPE seminar on "Conflicts of Interest" to 62 attorneys on September 29th.  Due to the success of this three-credit course the Alumni Association and our Law School hope to sponsor more MCPE seminars in 2013.  Classroom 2 became the scene of the Socratic method meets the Power Point Presentation with most of the attorneys a bit out of practice at answering questions.  But by the end of the mid-morning break, everyone managed to overcome their initial shyness and engage in meaningful and interesting discussion of the cases cited by Professor Bowman.  For some of the more seasoned attorneys, it was their first experience taking a class in the Dole Street building.  For the younger lawyers who graduated more recently, it was deja vu.

2012 Landshark Invitational Surf Contest
Check out the results here.

Finalists in the Men's Shortboard 'Opio Division (under 40) from L to R:  Cameron Black, Kumau Pineda, Nathan Roehrig (1st), Blake McElheny, Nate Kinney, and Sonny Ganaden

The Landshark Invitational Surf Contest lucked out once again at Kewalo's on Saturday, September 29, 2012 with unseasonable over head-high surf, clean conditions, and fun for all.  Nearly fifty law students and lawyers participated in a day of fellowship, ‘ono grinds, and surf at Kewalo Basin Park (Point/Shark's Hole).  Highlights included the Landshark's first-ever broken board by TJ Barron (professional surfer and boyfriend of second-year law student Shae Kamaka‘ala, William S. Richardson School of Law (WSRSL) class of 2014).  We are sorry to report that TJ was prevented from advancing to the finals by a formal protest filed by attorneys in his age division (those pesky attorneys - always looking to win by a technicality!).  Ashford & Wriston attorney Mihoko Ito selflessly retrieved a non-contestant surfer's loose board during her own heat and saved him from drowning, winning the Aloha Spirit Award.  And, Sonny Ganaden (WSRSL ’2006), flamencoed his way to an upset win in the John Lim Costume Contest as the Spanish Matador, beating prior winner Jeff Kent (Magnum P.I.) (’2007) and Greg-Lui-Kwan (’1982)(who scratched - he may have been intimidated by Sonny's tights).  (Note to future costume contest contestants -- the last three years' winners have been men in tights.)

2012 Land Shark Awards

The contest raised $800.00 toward the Environmental Law Society's No Ke ‘Ola o ka ‘Āina summer grant, awarded to an outstanding student working with an environmental public interest or governmental organization during a summer clerkship.  Mahalo to sponsors LEXIS-NEXIS, Quicksilver, Town & Country Surf, HI-Life/Buti-Groove, Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing, Ashford & Wriston, Bickerton, Lee, Dang & Sullivan, Cronin, Fried, Sekiya, Kekina & Fairbanks, Na Loio He‘e Nalu, WSRSLAA, the Environmental Law Society & Program, and volunteers Mark Fox (malasadas & coffee), Blake McElheny (’1999) & Adam Borrello (’1999) (rashguards), Nathan Roehrig (’2003) (heat schedules), law students Ewan Rayner (’2014), Melissa Kolonie (’2014), Kevin Richardson (’2014), Mari Feiteira (’2014), Joanna Zeigler (’2015), Sarah Sheffield (’2015), Calli Chinen (’2014), Zach DiIonno (’2013), Shae Kamaka'ala ('2014) (spotting, tabulation, timkeeping, registration), Steve Oliveria ('2014) (picking up and setting up tent), Tina Aiu (’2013) & Bianca Isaki (’2013) (DOBOR permit meeting and pre-contest signs).   A special mahalo nui loa to Ku‘au Rescue and Mr. Bryan Amona for providing courteous water patrol with safety first -- despite the largest waves in Landshark history, we had only a few scrapes and wana (sea urchin) pokes.


Advocates of Public Interest Law Steps It Up a Notch

APIL Gala Coordinator Mahina Tuteur '14, and Treasurer Daylin-Rose Heather '14

Advocates for Public Interest Law (APIL) has opened a new student-run website, complete with a new slogan and graphic, and tabs for student grant information, donation information, and special events, among other things, In addition, APIL has moved the Run for Justice from the Spring to the Fall semester, established new fundraising procedures, and put into place a new 2-step APIL Summer Grant application process.

Current Secretary Mary Morgan Evans '14 with last year's Treasurer Cathy Hall '13

The board members for the 2012-13 school year, all from the class of 2014, are President Ronald D. Rodriguez, Vice President Carmel Gabrial, Secretary Mary Morgan Evans, Treasurer Daylin-Rose Heather, Gala Coodinator Mahina Tuteur, and Run for Justice Coordinator Jessica Gima.  The board is joined by Faculty Advisor and Associate Professor Justin Levinson.

President Ronald D. Rodriguez, '14, waiting for the board to arrive for their first meeting last July


Senator Anthony Kai Ung ("Tony") Chang ('76) (1944 - 2012)

It is with regret that we relate the passing of Anthony K.U. “Tony” Chang, a member or the Law School’s inaugural Class of 1976 and a dedicated public servant.  Shortly after graduating from the then University of Hawaii School of Law, Tony was elected to the 1978 Constitutional Convention, where he served as chair of its Committee on the Environment and sheparded a number of environmental measures.  Read more about Tony's life here.


Toys for Tots - Donations until December 13th

Donate unwrapped gifts for girls (ages 11-15) until December 13th.  Checks for $25 will be used to purchase MP3 players and headphones.  For drop-off locations and more details, click here for the flyer.

Raise the Bar for Volunteer Legal Services - Cades Foundation to Match $25,000 until December 15th

Support Volunteer Legal Services this year with a tax deductible donation.  If you donate by December 15th, the Cades Foundation will match every dollar of the first $25,000 raised.  Click here to find out how your donation can fulfill your 50 hours of pro bono.