Learn Techniques to Protect Yourself During ‘Safety Preparedness Week’ at the Law School

October 25, 2012

        Law students will learn new safety techniques – and refresh their memories about some of the basics – during a special collaborative effort next week that brings campus security officers to the Law School for three lunch-hour special safety demonstrations.
      The pro-active collaborative effort between the William S. Richardson School of Law and the University of Hawai‘i’s Security and Emergency Management Department has been created to help ensure student safety on campus.
        The three one-hour demonstrations in the Law School Courtyard are scheduled from 12:30-1:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 29, Tuesday, Oct. 30 and Wednesday, Oct. 31.
       The first two sessions are based around personal safety and dealing with theft, and they will be handled by Sgt. Alberta J.K. Pukahi, known as the UH campus ‘Top Cop.’ The first session will feature demonstrations using student volunteers.
      The third session will be taught by Jimmy Lagunero, Coordinator for the UH Emergency Preparedness Management Team. It focuses on what to do during major natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, and windstorms.
       Pukahi, a senior investigator, was honored last year particularly for her success in leading a task force to prevent burglaries at cash-handling locations on campus.
          “We teach crisis prevention intervention,” she explains. “It is not the typical punch, kick, and fight your way out. Basically the focus is on getting away from an attacker, not to fight back.”
          Lagunero emphasized the importance of knowing what to do before a disaster occurs, and having the information ahead of time about how to create and what to include in an emergency preparedness kit. His session will also offer advice about where to go for additional information about emergency shelters as well as background on how to know whether or not you’re in a tsunami inundation zone.
         The Law School expects as many as 100 students to attend the demonstrations.
        “We appreciate how helpful our Campus Security and University Emergency Preparedness Team have been in collaborating with us. We work hard to provide our students with a safe learning environment, and to help students prepare themselves – not just in learning law – but in being aware and prepared,” said Cynthia Quinn, Interim Associate Dean for Student Services, who is coordinating this unusual outreach effort.