No Funding from the State Legislature for Design Phase

April 24, 2008

Despite valiant efforts by the Dean and many Law School faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends over the past months, the State Legislature did not include any funds for the law school design phase in this year's state budget. Last year, the University had requested $7.2 million for our design phase in its biennium budget request to the Legislature, as approved by the Board of Regents. Although the Governor and the House did not include funding for the law school design in their versions of the budget bill (HB2500), at the last minute, the Senate did insert $1.5 million for our project in the final version of the budget passed by the Ways and Means Committee on April 3. Then, after seven evenings of House-Senate Conference on the budget from April 15-24, when many worthy Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) and operating funds were severely reduced statewide because of the tight economic conditions, the School of Law's CIP request and many other UH and UHM projects were not funded. To read the wonderful testimony supporting our project, click HERE. The good news is that, after all our work with the Legislature this session, we have an even stronger foundation for our efforts to move the project foward in the future!