Building Excellence Website Launch

January 9, 2008

We are pleased to announce that the web site for the Law School Building Excellence Project is now live!

Please go to


The web site is open to everyone and we are inviting all members of the Law School community -- students, staff, faculty, administration, alumni, and friends -- to check out the information available and use the site to give the Building Team feedback. On the web site, you will find a message from Chief Justice Richardson introducing the freshly printed Interim Project Development Report (PDR) for your review.   The document is viewable by section via the Documents Page under Planning Documents. Please take a moment to browse through the report, the special message from Dean Avi Soifer, the conceptual designs, and the draft space plans.  We still need your input as this phase moves toward completion of the Final PDR in Spring 2008 -- stand by for further announcements on input sessions at the beginning of the semester.  If you prefer, you can also check out nicely bound easier-to-read 11"x17" hard copies of the report at these locations:

    Students:  go to the Circulation Desk in the Library or contact 2L Kalani Sloat or 3L Cameron Black

    Librarians:  see Diane Frake or Circulation Desk copy

    Faculty/Staff:  view a copy in the Dean's Confeerence Room or the Faculty Lounge

    Administration/Staff: view a copy in the Dean's Conference Room or the Faculty Lounge

Or, anyone can borrow or burn a DVD version from the Circulation Desk, via Diane, or Kristi.

You can then use the comment form on the web site or just email or handwrite comments to pass along to us or to any member of the Building Committee (listed on web site).


Other items of interest on the web site:  building project events, team, reference documents, cool photos,

and a direct e-comment page.  If you have something to add, let us know.  This site will live for the life of the project and be your one-stop source of information as we move forward to the design and construction phases in the future.


Special thanks to CTS Director Tony Cao, CTS Gurus Cheong Wai and Benny Au, who worked countless hours with Diane Frake to get the site ready for launch. 


We hope that you will continue to check the site often for updates and information about the building project, and that you will encourage others to review our progress.  Please let us know if you have feedback or comments on the project.  Enjoy the site!


Best Regards,  Denise Antolini & Diane Frake

Building Committee Executive Team