Class of 2011

KOREA - Jai is a project coordinator of Seoul Olympic Sports Promotion Foundation, the public corporation that raises sports funding, providing the government with over 60 percent of the national sports budget in Korea. Jai earned his B.A. and M.A. in Communication specializing in the broadcasting area at Pittsburg State University. His work experiences as a Program Director at TV stations including an affiliate of CBS in the U.S. triggered his interest in utilizing his prior knowledge and skills in a new area of legal studies. While earning a bachelor’s degree in law at Korea National Open University, he also completed a doctoral program in the field of Sports Media at Sung Kyun Kwan University, which integrated all of his academic experiences. Jai has been involved in several international projects where he encountered legal issues. He aims to broaden his legal knowledge particularly in the field so of communication and sports through the LLM Program.
PHILIPPINES - Alaya most recently worked as a lawyer with Sentro ng Alternatibong Lingap Panligal (SALIGAN) or Alternative Legal Assistance Center, a legal resource non-government organization doing development work with women, farmers, fisherfolk, workers, the urban poor, and local communities. Alaya was assigned to the women, local governance and urban poor programs of the office, conducting paralegal formation and legal literacy trainings, litigating on behalf of indigent clients, and engaging in policy advocacy and research on issues affecting marginalized sectors. She earned her LLB from the University of the Philippines in 2007 and became a member of the Philippine bar in 2008. After receiving her LLM, she will venture into policy and program work concerning the environmental practices of local governments in the Philippines.
IRAN - Mojtaba earned his BA from Azad University of Tehran and first class attorney’s license from the Iranian Bar Association. He also has a legal practice license from the Oman Bar Association and has been a member of the International Bar Association since 2006. Mojtaba has most recently worked for Dadgoo Law Firm in Oman, where he served as President and Attorney at Law since 2003. His firm joined the International Bar Association to provide an internal organization for giving free legal services to people who are not able to pay, thereby building the firm’s reputation in international practice circles. He also has worked for Ebrahim Ali Al Lawati law firm (Oman), the Iran Radiology Association,a nd the Ministry of Tax of Iran. After the LLM Program, Mojtaba plans to transfer to the JD program or an SJD or PH.D program to pursue a doctorate, before returning to Iran to work on international law cases.
BELARUS - Mihail earned a bachelor’s degree in law from the Academy of Business Administration under the President of the Republic of Belarus. He worked in several domestic and foreign corporations such as: the Ozkanlar Group and New York University’s School of Medicine. Mihail has nine years of legal experience in contract negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and software licensing, litigation, law enforcement, business consultations, international representation in courts, social security disability claims, personal injury and no-fault claims, compliance and audits, and venture capital funding. Mihail also served Personal Adviser and Second Secretary to the Minister of Heavy Industry of the Republic of Belarus. He has also assisted the nation of Mongolia to obtain help with judicial reform at the request of the Legal Adviser of the President of Mongolia. He is fluent in English, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Turkish. After receiving his LLM, Mihail would like to work in the areas of international litigation and contract law in the Pacific Rim, including the U.S.
GERMANY - Nicole completed her law degree from the University of Tuebingen, one of the premiere law schools in Germany, graduating in February 2010. While in Germany the focus of her legal studies was on Criminal and International Law. She is fluent in five languages and conducted internships with German, Italian and American attorneys. Most recently, she interned at the Headquarters of Daimler AG in Stuttgart, Germany specifically dealing with Mercedes-Benz multi-national contracts. These experiences fostered her strong passion for International Law. After her LLM, she intends to return to Germany and to serve as a junior lawyer in the district court. Ultimately, she desires to work as an international lawyer.

SWITZERLAND - Sacha has been working since 2008 as an associate attorney-at-law at VISCHER Ltd., Switzerland, which is one of the larger Swiss law firms. VISCHER Ltd. is a firm of about 100 lawyers and has its offices in Basel and Zurich. Sacha is part of the Private Clients Team and has been involved in a wide variety of legal fields, but mainly has handled cases in inheritance law, construction law, corporate law and litigation. He graduated from University of Fribourg, Switzerland, in 2002 and passed the bar exam of the Canton of Basel-Stadt, Switzerland, in December 2005. Before joining VISCHER Ltd., Sacha worked for two years as a clerk at the Court of Appeal in Basel-Stadt, drafting court decisions in various areas of Swiss Law, mainly in civil, criminal, administrative law. After receiving his LLM at UH, he seeks to return to VISCHER Ltd.

JAPAN - Masao earned his bachelor's degree in law from the University of Keio in 2004 and has been qualified to practice law in Japan since 2005. He has practiced law for five years, and is currently a member of Forest Breeze Law Office, which is famous for handling environmental law cases. In addition to environmental law, Masao has been involved in many civil and criminal cases including litigation. After receiving his LLM, he seeks to conduct international affairs at a business that engages in environmental law.
CHINA - Lifeng is an associate professor of law at the Law School, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade which is the sole university of higher education for international business in the East China region. The Institute boasts a long history of business education excellence, particularly in international economic law. Lifeng has been teaching international investment law for undergraduate and postgraduate students at the law school for more than five years. Her publications include: Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in China’s Foreign Capital M&A Compulsory Report Mechanism (2009); On the Regulation of Anti-spam in Hong Kong and its Enlightenment to the Chinese Mainland (2008); Legal Regulations of Securities Trading on the Internet in U.S.A. and the Enlightenment to China (2007),etc. Lifeng earned her LL.B., LL.M. and Ph.D in Law from East China University of Political Science and Law. She was qualified to practice law in China in 2001. After receiving her LLM, Lifeng will continue her teaching, research and practice with a broader international vision and improved methods.
SAUDI ARABIA - Firas earned a Master’s degree with a certificate in Global Legal Studies from Case Western Reserve University and a Bachelor of Laws degree from King Saud University. As an undergraduate, he also worked as an associate attorney at Abdul-Aziz Al Fahad Law Office an affiliate law firm of DLA Piper in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. At Abdul-Aziz, he conducted due diligence on privately listed companies, worked on the formation of LLC’s and branch companies, reviewed and revised shareholder and joint venture agreements, drafted and reviewed business agreements for companies, including trade and M&A. He also litigated cases in the Saudi General Civil Court and represented clients in the Ministry of Trade and Commerce and the Department of Labor. Firas hopes to earn an LLM with a specialization in commercial law. Then he seeks to practice international business law in Saudi Arabia.



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