Leila Martins, LLM 2010

Hometown: Sao Paolo Brazil
Education: LLB, University of Salvador


Currently, I'm attending the J.D. program at my American alma mater - University of Hawai‘i. After transferring from the LL.M. to J.D. I've decided to focus on the core courses, since my main goals are to sit for the Bar Examination and to have a comprehensive knowledge of the American legal system.


The LL.M. had a personal impact in my life, it helped me to reassess my goals. After the LL.M. I've realized that I could achieve more, limited only by my effort and dedication.




Establish your goals before the start of the LL.M. You will have only a few weeks to choose a specialization that fits your career goals or to decide whether you want to sit for the bar. The LL.M. can lead you to new paths, don't limit yourself to what you did before, but think about what you want to do after the LL.M. I strongly advise to take at least one core course, such as Contracts, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Torts, or Real Property. These courses might lay the foundation for the specialization that you are seeking, or might help you in the Bar exam. Something unique in this Law School is how most professors are renowned and at the same time accessible. I encourage you to have direct contact with these reputed scholars, leaders, and opinion makers that share their time and experience with students.