Law & Film Institute

The Institute's members research and write about law, lawyers and the movies, focusing on films made in Asia and the Pacific. The Insitute has organized two interdisciplinary symposia, held at the University of Hawai`i in July 2012 and February 2013, along with panels at international conferences, including the 2011 East Asian Law and Society Conference held in Seoul.


  • Alison W. Conner, William S. Richardson School of Law, Director
  • Randall W. Roth, William S. Richardson School of Law, Associate Director
  • Jae-Hyup Lee, Seoul National University School of Law, Senior Research Associate
  • Jisuk Woo, Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Administration, Senior Research Associate

Recent Publications

Conner, Alison W. "Images of Justice (and Injustice): Trials in the Movies of Xie Jin." (Forthcoming in the University of Hawai'i Law Review - 2013)

Lee, Jae-Hyup. "Legal Consciousness and Images of Lawyers as Reflected in Korean Legal TV Dramas: From <Advocate> to <Prosecutor Princess>", Seoul Law Journal vol. 51 (2010)

Roth, Randall. "Deconstructing The Descendants: How George Clooney Ennobled Old Hawaiian Trusts and Made the Rule Against Perpetuities Sexy." (Accepted for publication in the Fall 2013 issue of Real Property, Trusts and Estates Law Journal)

Films of Interest

Unbowed (2008), available in DVD and Amazon instant video (Korean and English subtitles)
In this tense courtroom thriller, a veteran professor is accused of shooting a judge with a crossbow. Now, amidst the media frenzy and public scrutiny, the stern professor curiously handpicks an alcoholic labor rights lawyer as his attorney. The professor confronts the presiding judges of his trials for not handling the proceedings in accordance to the rule of law.

Silenced (2012), available in DVD (English subtitles) 
Based on the true account of what took place at a school for the hearing-impaired in South Korea, and the subsequent trial of the defendants. A principal and some faculty members are charged with sexually molesting and abusing several hearing-impaired students at their school for nearly 4 consecutive years.

The Client (2011), available in DVD (English subtitles)
Intense courtroom drama of a murder trial, featuring the newly introduced criminal jury system in Korea.

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