It is not necessary to buy an expensive laptop. Computer manufacturers roll out new computers every other month and it is impossible to keep up. For $400 - $600, you can get a laptop that’s powerful enough for school work and regular home use. If you maintain it, it could last for two years or more. In the worst case, your inexpensive laptop will die during the second year of law school and you can replace it with another inexpensive laptop. But even expensive laptops will be outdated in a year or so. Look for deals online and in stores (e.g., Dell, Lenovo, HP).

Suggested Minimum Laptop Configuration




Win8 Mac
(computer speed)
Intel Pentium Dual Core / AMD Fusion
Intel Core i3/AMD Fusion Intel Core i5
Memory (RAM) 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB
Hard Drive (storage space)  Min 64 GB
Min 64 GB Min 64 GB
802.11 b/g or b/g/n-compatible    802.11 b/g or b/g/n-compatible 802.11 b/g or b/g/n-compatible
Operating System
(English-language only)
Win7 Win 8 Snow Leopard 10.6
Virus Protection McAfee VirusScan
(Free download from UH)
McAfee VirusScan
(Free download from UH)

McAfee for Mac 10.6-10.8

(Free download from UH)



Most laptops do not come with Microsoft Office (or any other productivity software) unless you specifically added it to your laptop order.

The UH Bookstore offers software at deeply discounted prices to enrolled students with a validated student ID.

Recent Prices:

  • Microsoft Office 365 University 4-Year Subscription (One User, 2 PSc or Macs): $79.95
  • Window 7 Ultimate (64 bit) Upgrade: $90.00

A Special Note for Mac Users


You must have Snow Leopard or later in order to take law school exams using ExamSoft software.

Please visit the UH Bookstore for specials and discounts on hardware and software. Be sure to check out their hardware clearance section. As an enrolled UH student, you are entitled to a 10% educational discount at your local and online Apple stores. You will need to show your validated UH ID card at the Apple store to get the 10% discount.

Flash Drives

Flash DriveAlways backup your important files! You may want to purchase a flash drive for transferring or backing up your files.


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Director of Information Technology
(808) 956-4727