KOKUA and LGBTI Student Services

The KOKUA Program, led by Director Ann Ito, is the UH Mānoa office for students with disabilities.  It serves undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with learning, physical, psychiatric and other documented disabilities.  In the spirit of “aloha” and respect, KOKUA works together with students, faculty, staff and KOKUA—to facilitate equal access by students with disabilities to the Mānoa experience.

KOKUA provides disability access services to individuals on a case by case basis, and students are not charged for these services.  A student’s disability status is considered confidential information and is only disclosed to faculty with the student’s permission.  KOKUA has served thousands of students with disabilities since its inception in 1966 and is available to serve the needs of all students with disabilities on the Mānoa campus, including law students.

Law students with disabilities or related concerns may contact the KOKUA Program, either directly or through the Associate Dean for Student Services.

For more information, contact the KOKUA office at (808) 956-7511 or (808) 956-7512.  You can also visit www.hawaii.edu/kokua/ for more information.

LGBTI Student Services

The UH Mānoa campus provide supports services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) students.  LGBTI Student Services strives to maintain a safe and inclusive campus environment for all students of the University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.  LGBTI Student Services facilitates student learning and development through a range of educational, information and advocacy programs.

Law students interested in LGBTI services should contact the program directly or through the Associate Dean for Student Services.

For more information contact the LGBTI office at (808) 956-9250.  You can also visit http://manoa.hawaii.edu/lgbt/index.html for more information.