November 23, 2012



  • The Law School announced that it will host “He Hali‘a Aloha No Jon: Memories of Aloha for Jon,” a symposium tribute to Jon Markham Van Dyke from January 30 to February 1. More than 30 international legal scholars, attorneys, and jurists will discuss legal issues in realms significant to Jon's career including: Utilizing Indigenous Tradition and Custom in Decision Making; Climate Change and Sea Level Rise; International Environmental Law; Human Rights in Asia; International Nuclear Law; Northeast Asian Seas; and International Law and the Development of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. See further details.


  • John Barkai gave a talk on "Using the Myers Briggs for Conflict Resolution for the Advanced Mediator Training" to the Mediation Center of the Pacific on November 16.
  • On November 17, Tae-Ung Baik spoke about "The Korean Presidential Election and the Catchphrase of Economic Democracy," at the 23rd Language and Culture Seminar hosted by the Center for Asia-Pacific Exchange.
    Tae-Ung also gave a series of lectures on "Global Protection of Human Rights" to 42 visiting students from Korean Gachon University between October 16 and November 8.
  • On November 15, Alison Conner led a panel discussion on study abroad opportunities hosted by the Office of Career and Professional Development and organized by Piyada A. Nonzee. Carissa Goto '14, Grady Owen '14, and Adam Mackie '13 shared their summer experiences in Italy, United Kingdom, and Japan, respectively.
  • Central Pacific Bank promoted Christine Daleiden to senior vice-president, senior legal counsel, and assistant corporate secretary. Her appointment was reported in the Pacesetters feature in Pacific Business News on November 14 and in "On the Move" in The Honolulu Star-Advertiser on Tuesday.
  • David Forman participated in the broadcast of Hawai‘i’s Tomorrow Talk Radio on November 20 discussing issues relating to Food Security.
  • Former Visiting Professor Hiroko Hayashi has been appointed President of Miyazaki Municipal University effective in April. Professor Hayashi will be the first female president of a public university and the second female president of any university in Japan.
  • A commentary by Derek H. Kauanoe, "OHA Under Attack By Out-of-State Interests," was published in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on Sunday (log-in required).
  • Al Landon was featured in an article, "Landon Debunks Stereotype of the One-Dimensional Banker" published in American Banker on November 15.
  • On November 15, a delegation of lawyers from the Shizuoka Bar Association in Japan visited the Law School to meet with faculty members and to observe a Constitutional Law 1 class taught by Avi Soifer.
    The Pacific-Asian Legal Studies Organization (PALSO) hosted a lunch and students interested in Japan met with the Shizuoka lawyers.

    Front row from left: Sanae Izuta (Cattleya Law Office), Kiyomi Tsunogae (Sera Law Office), Hideyo Ogawa (Ogawa Law Office), Shigejiro Sugiyama (Sugiyama Shigejiro Law Office), Harumi Suzuki (Harumi Suzuki Law Office), Isao Takayama (Atami Law Office)
    Back row from left: Miho Nagamatsu '13, Tae-Ung Baik, Tim Partelow '13, Larry Foster, Mark Levin, Andrew Strand '14, Ben Sill '15, Megumi Lachapelle, and Spencer Kimura

  • On Saturday, Jon M. Van Dyke was honored at the Turkish Marine Research Foundation's (TUDAV) 15th Anniversary celebration. At the event in Istanbul, speakers recalled Jon's great expertise in the field of marine law and spoke about how deeply they feel his loss. Jon's wife, Sherry Broder was linked to the event by Skype and spoke of Jon's close association with Turkey and TUDAV while accepting their honor of John and a gift.

    Jon Van Dyke speaking at the Turkish Marine Reasearch Foundation (TUDAV) in 2000


  • The Environmental Law Program presents its final talk of the semester, "To Keep the Country Country ... Make the City More City," featuring speaker Anthony Aalto on Tuesday, November 27 from noon to 1:15 p.m. in the Moot Court Room.
    David Forman explained: "Mr. Aalto has been a foreign correspondent for The Guardian, The Economist, the BBC -- and most recently -- Pacific Rim Correspondent for Expresso of Portugal. He is currently filming a TV series, “My Green Hale – How I built the Greenest House in Hawaiʻi,” and is Chair of the Sierra Club Oʻahu Group.
    In his talk, Mr. Aalto will discuss the reasons the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) rail project could help protect Oʻahu’s environment."
    Light refreshments will be provided beginning at 11:45 a.m. See the flyer and RSVP here.


  • Steve Yarber '13 and Shannon Sinton '13 welcomed their daughter Stacey Katherine Yarber on Sunday. Stacey weighed 10 lbs 7.6 ozs and was 21.5 inches long. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Mom and baby are doing well.

    Stacey Katherine Yarber
  • The Etes and the Bruzers played a hard-fought and excellent game at the 2012 Ete Bowl at UH Practice Field on Sunday. The final score was Bruzers 6, Etes 3. Congratulations to the Bruzers and to all those who played, coached and supported the valiant Ete Bowl teams, as well as the men who presented an unusually well-coordinated half-time show. A slide show of the game appeared on the Honolulu Pulse page at on Monday and is available for viewing.

    The 2012 Ete Bowl 

    The Bruzers

    The Etes

    The Half-Time Entertainment
  • On November 16, seven LLMs and Visiting Scholar Huaiyong Wang visited the Cades Schutte law firm. The group -- led by Spencer Kimura '96 and hosted by Senior Partner Roger Epstein and Managing Partner Grace Kido '85 -- observed an American law firm from the inside and engaged in a discussion comparing the practice of law in Hawai‘i and in other countries.

    From left: June Dela Cruz '13, Huaiyong Wang (Visiting Scholar), Bader Alomair '13, Jaeho Hwang '13, Grace Kido '85 (Cades Schutte), Roger Epstein (Cades Schutte), Lilla Feldmann '13, Abdullah Alsahli '13, and Mohammad Abomalha '13

    From left: June Dela Cruz '13, Lilla Feldmann '13, Jaeho Hwang '13, Huaiyong Wang (Visiting Scholar), and Roger Epstein (Cades Schutte)


  • Lea Hong '91 was featured in an article, "Heirs Preserve Hawaiian Tract," in the The Wall Street Journal on Monday (log-in required). Her work on behalf of the the Trust For Public Land was also featured in "State set to spend $25 M for farmland" in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on November 20 (log-in required).
  • We are very sorry to report the passing of Sara Ann Cosson '05 on November 6. See the Honolulu Star-Advertiser obituary.
  • We are also very sorry to report the recent passing of Gaylord G. Tom '78. Gaylord had served with distinction as Honorary Consul of The Netherlands since 1991. He also served as Dean of the Consular Corps of Hawai‘i in 2008. Funeral arrangements are pending.