Online Status

Monitor your application on your online status page. Until your current status indicates that your application is "Complete," we cannot forward your application to the Admissions Committee. We will email you when the Admissions Committee has made a decision and update your online status to "Reviewed."

Status notifications:


We have received your application. We sent you an application acknowledgment email with your username and password for the online status page. Please give us several weekdays to process your application and update your current status to "Complete" or "Incomplete." 
Incomplete Your application is incomplete. Please check the requirements list on your online status page to determine which items are missing.
Complete Your application is complete and will be (or has been) forwarded to the Admissions Committee. Over time, you may notice that the Current Status Date will change even though your Current Status does not. These changes are not associated with the Committee's decision.  
Hold for Future LSAT Score Your application is complete, but you have asked us to wait until we receive a future LSAT score to review your file. If you change your mind, please email
Withdrawn by Applicant At your request, we withdrew your application from consideration.
& Withdrawn
You did not complete your application before the priority deadline. The Law School may exclude from consideration any application submitted after February 1 or any application that is incomplete on February 1.
Reviewed The Admissions Committee made a decision about your application. Please check your email for a message from us. See Post-Decision FAQs.

Requirements List

We will check off requirements on your online status page as you meet them. Empty boxes indicate missing requirements.

Electronic Application Complete the electronic applicaton via LSAC.
Previous Law School Answer  Review your application in your LSAC account. If you previously attended another law school, you must:
1) email a detailed explanation of why you interrupted your studies to (if you did not include one with your application);
2) have your law school transcript sent to LSAC; and
3) have a letter of good standing sent directly to the Law School.
Initial CAS Report from LSAC Log into your LSAC account to find out why we have not received your initial CAS report. NOTE: Your CAS report must be complete before LSAC will forward it to us. Complete CAS reports include all bachelor's level transcripts, at least one reportable LSAT score, and two or more letters of recommendation. See LSAC Credential Assembly Service.



Elisabeth Steele Hutchison

Director of Admissions
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