Grading Policy for Fall 2013

Grading Policy
Prior to the Fall of 2004, the William S. Richardson School of Law utilized a C+/B- curve. In the Fall of 2006, the William S. Richardson School of Law modified its grading norms to a B curve to conform to most law schools' grading curve. The allowable grade ranges are: A+ to A- (10-30%); A+ to B- (75-90%); C+ and below (10-25%). Grading norms are in effect for all courses.

Official Transcripts
The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Records & Registration Office issues the official transcript for the School of Law. The official transcript is cumulative and lists every course taken and the final grade. Since the Fall of 2004, “+” and “–” grades are included in the tabulation of student grade point averages.

At the conclusion of each Fall and Spring semester, the Law School calculates the class median and quintile rankings for each class: first quintile (20%), second quintile (40%), third quintile (60%), fourth quintile (80%), and fifth quintile. Quintiles are based on each student's cumulative GPA (excluding first-year Fall semester advisory grades). For the Spring semester only, the Law School provides the numerical ranking for students in the first quintile (top 20%) of each class.

Note: First-year Fall semester grades are advisory only and therefore, no class ranking is released for first-year students in the Fall. Evening Part Time students are initially ranked with Full Time first-year students after the completion of 30 credits. For Fall and Summer graduates, final class ranking is calculated with the following Spring graduating class. Please refer to the Student Handbook for further details regarding class ranking.

Graduating Student Honors
Students graduating in the top 25% graduate cum laude; students graduating in the top 10% graduate magna cum laude; students graduating in the top 5% graduate summa cum laude.

For Fall 2013 grades, the cumulative rankings are explained below:


Class of 2016
(Advisory only)

Class of 2015

Class of 2014

Top Quintile (20%)

3.38 to 3.97

3.49 to 3.94

3.56 to 3.95

Second Quintile (40%)

3.13 to 3.37

3.26 to 3.48

3.30 to 3.55

Third Quintile (60%)

2.90 to 3.12

3.04 to 3.25

3.08 to 3.29

Fourth Quintile (80%)

2.67 to 2.89

2.82 to 3.03

2.77 to 3.07

Fifth Quintile

2.66 and below

2.81 and below

2.76 and below

Class Median






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