Visiting Another Law School Approval Form

Please allow at least 2 weeks to process your request.

Your electronic submission of this form will indicate that you have read and understand the following conditions.

  • GRADES: I understand that each course will be taken for a letter grade (unless a grade option is not offered.) I must earn a “C” or better although the credits will count only as “Credit” and will not be included in computing my GPA.
  • REQUIRED COURSES: I must obtain approval from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs if I wish to receive credit for First-Year courses, Constitutional Law I, Second-Year Seminar, Professional Responsibility, and/or Clinical or Skills courses.
  • REPEAT COURSE: I cannot enroll in any course for credit that is substantially similar to a course already taken. I cannot take a UH Law School course that I have already taken at another school.
  • TRANSCRIPTS: I must arrange for an official copy of my transcript to be sent to the UH Law School upon completion of the other program. Until UH Law School receives my official transcript, the Law School will have no record of completion of the other program for credit.
  • CERTIFICATES: To use a course to satisfy requirements for a Pacific Asian Legal Studies or Environmental Law Certificate, I must separately seek approval from the Directors of the Certificate programs unless a course has been pre-approved.
  • FINANCIAL AID: If I am seeking Financial Aid, it is my obligation to notify the Financial Aid Office and to supply all necessary statements. Please email to discuss your financial aid needs.
  • ACADEMIC REGULATIONS: I have reviewed the Academic Regulations pertaining to this.
e.g. 2013-14
Include number of credits per course. Upload a course description (or include a URL to the course description) for each course you would like to take.


Piyada Nonzee

(808) 956-3003