Bar Certification Character and Fitness Update

The Law School must certify graduates’ good moral character to the State Bar Examiners, and thus each student has a continuing responsibility to report to the Associate Dean for Student Services any incident, act, or condition that may adversely affect your admission to the State Bar.

It is your duty to disclose the following information:

  1. Any involvement with the police, such as an arrest or conviction, or other involvement with the court system, whether civil or criminal, including but not limited to failure to comply with a court order for child support, a civil lawsuit, an arrest for driving while intoxicated, etc.;
  2. Any disciplinary action taken against you by a University involving academic or personal conduct;
  3. Any denial of admission to the Bar of any other state;
  4. Any disciplinary action taken against you by a professional organization (e.g. medical board);
  5. Any dependence on illegal or prescription drugs, gambling, or alcohol;
  6. Any treatment or diagnosis of mental illness or addiction;
  7. Any serious delinquency in financial obligations;
  8. Any condition that currently impairs or limits the ability to practice law in a competent and professional manner.

The duty to disclose exists even if you were acquitted or charges were dismissed.  Your obligation to report continues between the time of application to the Law School to and including graduation.

The Law School may treat failure to report this information as a disciplinary infraction. You have a duty to familiarize yourself with the requirements for bar admission in the states where you plan to practice law.

Please use this form to report any of the above incidents or conditions to the Associate Dean for Student Services. Alternatively, you may print and deliver the form to the Associate Dean for Student Services in person. All information will be kept confidential, unless required for reporting by the Bar Examiners.

e.g. Full-time 2L, LL.M
e.g. arrest, hospitalization
List county and state. Indicate country if outside of the US.
e.g. charges dropped; revocation of a professional license


Ronette M. Kawakami '85

Associate Dean for Student Services
(808) 956-7986