Faculty Research and Works-in-Progress

Faculty Professional Development Committee

Vision: Raise the profile of the school of law by publicizing the depth and diversity of faculty research, scholarship, publications, and grants as well as providing a mechanism to encourage future scholarly productivity.

Mission: The Committee reports to the General Faculty and was formed with the purpose to promote excellence in teaching and scholarship by creating and maintaining a supportive environment for faculty development. The Committee supports faculty and administration efforts to achieve excellence in teaching and scholarship by sponsoring colloquia, panel presentations, and collaborative workshops on topics relevant to teaching and faculty scholarship. The Committee coordinates mentoring and collaborative opportunities, such as the Faculty Works-In-Progress Series, between Law faculty, University faculty, and faculty from other institutions. The Committee publicizes its activities inside and outside the Law School in order to bring notoriety to faculty teaching and scholarly accomplishments. The Committee also coordinates with the administration to raise awareness among faculty members of funding, award, and grant opportunities.

Faculty Works-in-Progress

The “Faculty Works-In-Progress Series” is a collaborative workshop coordinated by the Faculty Professional Development Committee every semester for faculty to present and receive feedback on their current research work.


David L. Callies

Benjamin A. Kudo Professor of Law
(808) 956-6550