Externships, Scholarships & Dual Degrees


We actively support students' participation in externships in Asia and the Pacific as part of their course of study. PALS students have gone to Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Cambodia, Belau, and the Federated States of Micronesia, where they have worked for a wide range of organizations, including judges' offices, law firms, United Nations agencies, and NGOs. Within the last few years, for example, PALS students have completed externships with law firms in Tokyo, Taipei and Bangkok as well as with human rights groups in Cambodia, Dharamsala and Hong Kong. You may do your externship during the summer, or with approval spend a semester abroad in Pacific-Asia.

Our students recently completed externships at Cambodia Legal Aid; the Japan US Embassy; the Guam Judiciary; the American Samoa Judiciary; Thailand UN; Micronesia Judiciary; and law firms in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong Law Firms, and New Zealand.


PALS students are eligible for specific scholarships, in addition to the general Law School grants and awards. We award Pacific-Asian Scholarships to qualified law students who have demonstrated special interest, experience or expertise in Asia or the Pacific. You may be considered for one of these awards after you have been admitted. In addition, the Kashiwagi Fund for Japanese Studies provides grants to students as well as faculty members to support the study of topics in Japanese law.  Our students, especially those enrolled in dual degree programs, may also be eligible to apply for East-West Center support. 

Dual Degrees

Law students may formally integrate their law school study with graduate work in other schools and colleges of the University and receive both the J.D. degree and another graduate degree or certificate. If you participate in this program, you may reduce the total degree requirements by receiving law school credit (up to ten credits) for approved graduate-level courses. Although you must apply to and be admitted to both programs, you can receive both degrees earlier than if you had enrolled in the two degree programs separately.

Approved programs include the Master of Arts in Asian Studies, which allows a concentration in one of the regions represented by the School of Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Studies: Japan, China, Korea, Southeast Asia or the Pacific. A new certificate program also enables PALS students to combine special language and interdisciplinary study with a professional degree. Or you may also enroll in the MBA program of the Shilder College of Business Administration, which is recognized for its international business education and offers MBAs with a focus on China or Japan.

For more information, please see Dual Degree Programs.


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