Externship Memorandum of Agreement

Mentor:  You and the student will receive copies of this memorandum.

Legal Analysis
Case Strategy
Client Consultation
Factual Investigation
Pre-Trial and/or Trial Preparation
Settlement and/or Negotiation
Other. Please describe in comments.

By submitting this agreement, the mentor represents that the above answers accurately reflect the student's responsibilities and reasonable expectations for exposure to the legal workplace during the period of the externship.

Additionally, the mentor agrees to the following:

  1. Students will report to their placements eight hours per week for fourteen weeks beginning the first week of class (112 hours) per each two credits earned.
  2. Students will not receive compensation for their work. American Bar Association and Department of Labor rules prohibit remuneration (reimbursement of expenses incurred in connection with externship duties is however, permitted).
  3. Students will not represent clients in court. Hawai'i and Federal Court rules do not allow Externs to appear in court on behalf of clients; Students may however, attend proceedings in Court (hearings, trials, conferences and/or depositions) as observers.
  4. Mentors shall submit a Midterm Evaluation to the externship director by the seventh week of class.
  5. Mentors shall submit Final Evaluation to the externship director by the last week of class on a form.
  6. If at anytime during the semester the student is not meeting the mentor's expectations with respect to attendance, performance, professionalism or otherwise, the externship director and/or the student shall be contacted immediately to attempt a resolution of the problem.
  7. Unsatisfactory participation will result in a grade of “No Credit.”
  8. All faculty at the William S. Richardson School of Law are evaluated by the students. Each student will evaluate his or her mentor's performance.
  9. Students shall submit Weekly Time Sheets and Bi-Weekly Journals to the externship director.
  10. Submission of all externship forms is the responsibility of the student.
  11. Failure to submit all forms in a timely fashion may result in a grade of "No Credit."

I have read and agree to comply with the above conditions during my participation in the externship program.

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