Externship Forms for Students

Securing an Externship

Students are paired with mentors largely through contacts that the students themselves initiate. Students are responsible for locating, selecting and obtaining an externship. As a part of the learning experience, students make the contacts, make the arrangements as to start and end dates and days and hours of service and secure the externship. Student submit resumes and if desired, are interviewed, with no guaranteed externship placements. Externships are secured on merit.

Classes, Journals, Timesheets, Academic Credit

  1. A MANDATORY class for all registered students is held during the first week of Fall and Spring semester classes.  The Summer class meets before the study period at the end of the Spring semester.
  2. JOURNALS - BI-WEEKLY journals are submitted by students to the externship director and should reflect what has been observed and/or learned substantively, including courtroom and office decorum, ethical behavior and professionalism. Suggested Journal Topics are provided by the externship director at the beginning of externships and may be selected by students. Journals are to be submitted to the externship director every two (2) weeks, or as directed.
  3. TIMESHEETS are submitted to the externship director weekly. Externships are Credit/No Credit, and will be determined based upon the student's performance in the externship, as evaluated by the mentor and the externship director.

Time Table

Before 1st Full Week of Class Submit Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  Ask mentor to submit Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
Weekly Submit Time Sheets
Biweekly Submit Biweekly Journal Reports
Before 7th Week of Class Ask mentor to submit the Midsemester Evaluation Form
Before 13th - 14th Week of Class

Submit Student Evaluation
Ask mentor to submit the Final Evaluation Form

13th - 14th Week Wrap up and documents/requirements confirmation



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Director of Professional Development
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