Exam Room Policies

  • All students should be seated with an empty seat between them and be ready to begin the exam no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the exam.
  • Examsoft users must launch Softest on their laptop and be at the ‘Stop Sign’ screen no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the exam.
  • All cell phones must be turned off completely, put away, and may not be accessed in any way for the entirety of the exam.
  • Absolutely no electronic devices may be used during the exam unless otherwise noted by the Exam Administrator. Laptop computers may only be used to type exam answers utilizing the Examsoft software.
  • The consumption of food is not permitted in the exam room during the exam. If you need to eat something during the exam, you must step outside the exam room.
  • Beverages are permitted only in covered containers with snap-on or screw-on covers. Beverages in fast food cups or similar disposable cups are not permitted.
  • Students are allowed to leave the exam room during the exam if they need to take a break or use the restroom. However, students may not bring any exam materials with them or talk to anyone while taking a break. Students are also prohibited from accessing their Law School locker while taking an exam
  • Additional exam materials (BlueBooks, scratch paper, scantrons, etc.) will be available at the front of the exam room if any students need them. Students may quietly come to the front of the exam room to pick these up during the exam.
  • If a student has a question about the exam, they may quietly come to the front of the exam room and notify the Proctor. If the question is about specific exam content, the Proctor will notify the Exam Administrator and the professor will be contacted, if necessary, for clarification.
  • Time remaining calls will be made by the Proctor when there are 30 minutes, 10 minutes, and 5 minutes remaining in the exam.
  • Students are allowed to turn in their exam materials to the Proctor and leave the room if they complete the exam early. However, once there are 10 minutes remaining in the exam, all students must remain in their seats until the end of the exam.
  • Students must stop all work as soon as time is called at the end of the exam. Writing or typing after the exam has ended may result in a penalty.
  • All students must turn in their signed Exam Policies Acknowledgement, exam questions, used BlueBooks (if applicable), and Scantron (if applicable) to the proctor before leaving the exam room.


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