Inaugural Michael J. Marks Lecture: Small Business and Collateral Policies in Government Procurement

Friday, October 12, 2012 (All day)

Small Business and Collateral Policies in Government Procurement
Presented by PROFESSOR DANIELLE M. CONWAY, Michael J. Marks Distinguished Professor of Business Law

Moot Courtroom
5:30pm - Lecture


About this lecture:

The federal government and state and local governments historically have been actively involved in creating inclusive, wealth distribution opportunities for small businesses through the establishment of important and unique social, economic, and political goals and objectives, generally referred to as collateral policies.  Collateral policies in large measure have been successful because governments are willing to use their purchasing power to direct desired outcomes. The research and technology field has been the focus of attention of governments seeking to direct desired outcomes by using public contracts to promote national economic policy that would place capacity in contractors to harness dual-use technologies and reap commercial as well as public benefits. 
This lecture will address just how governments use procurement policies, laws, regulations, and practices focused specifically on the acquisition and use of intellectual property to balance the ever present requirement for fair and open competition with essential collateral policy goals and objectives to arrive at acquisition plans that promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development for the benefit of contractors but also for the greater public good.


Marnelli Joy Basilio

Community Relations Coordinator