Evening Part Time Program

The Evening Part Time Juris Doctor program is tailored to meet the needs of students who have professional, financial or family obligations that make it infeasible to attend law school full-time. American Bar Association rules prevent full-time students from working more than twenty hours per week. Evening Program students are not subject to these restrictions, allowing them to continue working while pursuing a degree.

Evening Program students can take a maximum of eleven credits per semester; this typically translates into three courses a semester. During the first two years in the program, students take mostly required courses that correlate to those taken by full-time students during their first year. Required courses in the Evening Program are scheduled Monday through Thursday, typically between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. Some courses are also available on Saturday.

After completing the traditional first year curriculum, Evening Program students have considerably more flexibility in choosing courses. In order to provide a rich variety of courses, some Evening Program electives are scheduled outside the 5:30-8:30 time and some may be scheduled on Fridays or weekends. After completion of the first two years of the program, students in good academic standing may also elect to transition into the full-time JD program.

How long it takes to complete the program varies from student to student. Students who maximize their credits each semester and take some additional credits during summers or January-Terms can graduate from the Evening Part Time JD program in four years. Other students may prefer to proceed more deliberately. University regulations require that all students complete the program within seven years.

The application process, admissions criteria, and graduation process are the same as the Full-Time program. Applicants interested in the part-time program should indicate their interest on the application form.


Liam Skilling '07

Director of the Evening Part Time Program and Academic Success
(808) 956-3000