Ete Bowl Rules

Ete Bowl - Rules 2011

Flag Colors:

  • Bruzers must have YELLOW flags
  • Etes must have RED flags

Flag Equipment:

  • Velcro must be on the outside of the belt
  • Flags must hang at player's hips
  • If a receiver's flags fall off, the ball will be dead where the receiver catches the ball

Field Size:

  • 80 yards long x 60 yards wide
  • Cones shall be placed to mark field of play

Field Equiptment:

  • Down Indicator
  • Line to gain indicators
  • 3 volunteers shall be provided to hold field equipment


  • No jewelry may be worn on the field


  • Shall be tucked in so as not to interfere with pulling of flags




  • Must be above the waist and blocker may not leave her feet
  • If a blocker falls down, player may not make further contact with an opponent until player regains their standing position

Defensive Contact:

  • Defensive players may bump offensive receivers within the first 5 yards from the line of scrimmage
  • Defensive players shall avoid contact with the head of the offensive players

Eligible Receivers:

  • Every player, except the center and guards
  • A tipped pass makes every player eligible


  • Must be worn by every eligible player

Flag Etiquette:

  • No wrapping flags around player's flag belt
  • No 360 degree spinning
  • No flag shielding

Free Block Zone:

  • For the offense, four yards along the neutral zone and 3 yards into the offensive back field on either side of the ball
  • For the defense, one yard from the defensive neutral, along the defined free blocking zone of the offense
  • Once the ball leaves the zone, all blocking rules apply
  • Clipping and blocking to the back are permitted as long as all players are in the free blocking zone at the snap and the ball is still in the zone
  • All blocking rules apply to any player outside of the free blocking zone at the snap


  • Dead ball at point ball hits the ground


  • Live ball

Muff On a Kickoff or Punt:

  • Is not a dead ball, but may be picked up and advanced. Defenders may move upon initial contact

Neutral Zone:

  • One foot from tip of ball

Number of Players:

  • Nine on the field at one time

Players on the Line:

  • Minimum of five players on the line (any part of the body) at the snap (within one yard of the scrimmage line)


Game Clock:

  • Running Time
  • Last two minutes of each half shall be regulation time

Game Length:

  • Two halves
  • Each half shall be 45 minutes


  • 15 minutes


  • None

Tie Score:

  • Game ends after regulation time has expired

Time Outs:

  • Each team shall have three time outs per half
  • Length shall be two minutes

Injury Time Out:

  • Clock shall be stopped for injuries

Game Management

Coin Toss:

  • Before the start of the game, a coin toss shall determine which team will have the choice of kicking or receiving, or choice of side of the field
  • The team losing the toss shall have the choice at the beginning of the second half

First Downs:

  • Ten yards (in four plays or less)


  • Safety: two points
  • Touchdown: six points
  • Extra Point: none
  • Field Goal: no field goals

Kick/Scrimmage Kick


  • Freeze until the ball is touched by the receiving team. The kicking team may then pursue
  • Kickoffs may use a tee or be punted
  • Kickoffs must be from the 30 yard line
  • Receiving team must be at their 30 yard line
  • Receiving team may not make handoffs or pitches after the ball is touched by the initial receiver


  • All other members of the receiving team will freeze (no blocking)
  • Must inform other team on the fourth down whether or not you will punt
  • No fake punts
  • Punter may pick up ball at the line of scrimmage without snap
  • Receiving team may not make handoffs or pitches after the ball is touched by the intial receiver



  • Block to the Back: greater of 15 yards or point of infraction
  • Clipping: greater of 15 yards or point of infraction
  • Delay of Game (45 seconds): five yards
  • Flag Shielding: five yards
  • Flag Pulling Before Reception: end of reception plus ten yards
  • Holding: five yards
  • Illegal Procedure: five yards
  • Kickoff Out of Bounds: 5 yards
  • Offside: 5 yards
  • Defensive Pass Interference: at point of infraction, except if in end zone ball placed on one yard line
  • Offensive Pass Interference: loss of down and ten yards
  • Tackling: 15 yards
  • Unnecessary Roughness: 15 yards
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct: 15 yards


Lyn Flanigan '81

Senior Advisor
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