Eiji Yamahara, LLM 2008

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Education: LLB, Waseda University


Prior to the LLM Program, I was a VP/senior legal counsel at the Legal Department of Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. Now, I am currently a Partner of Blakemore & Mitsuki, conducting private practice, covering maritime, international trading, finance, and overseas investments (in particular, the Asia/Pacific region). Blakemore & Mitsuki is a Japanese law firm, established in 1950 by Thomas Blakemore, who was a legal counsel of the U.S. General Head Quarters after World War II. This firm is one of the oldest international law firms in Japan (http://www.blakemore.gr.jp/e_home.html)


My LLM experience has helped me to recognize legal issues in my work effectively. The training I received in the US legal system was helpful, as it is based upon analyzing legal issues and precedents. Even when handling matters in Asia, my education at the University of Hawaiʻi has given me lots of insight on how to effectively come up with solutions.


Studying at UH was my second LLM experience after my first LLM at the University of London in 1996. In London, there were fewer opportunities to learn core legal subjects such as contracts. In light of my experience, I think that learning at UH is helpful for students who want basic/standard common law knowledge of such subjects. It is very important for foreign attorneys to be able to communicate and share the same concepts when dealing with lawyers from the U.S.