Course Descriptions


LAW 561
Administrative Law

This course covers the legal regime applicable to federal, state and local agency decision-making and the role of the courts in reviewing agency decisions through study of the federal and Hawai‘i Administrative Procedure Acts and the case law arising under them.

LAW 513
Criminal Justice

This course will provide an introduction to the criminal law, starting with an exploration of the theories of punishment and foundational principles such as the presumption of innocence and legality. Thereafter selected substantive criminal law concepts will be explored such as the doctrine of larceny, omissions and mistakes of fact and law. Students will become familiar with the concepts of actus reus (the criminal act) and mens rea (the criminally culpable state of mind). In depth focus will be placed upon the doctrines of murder, attempt, accomplice liability, conspiracy as well as numerous criminal law defenses such as self-defense, provocation, necessity and insanity. Criminal law as practiced in Hawai‘i will also be discussed..

LAW 520E
Ethics & Integrity in the Real World (UH Law students only)

This course will examine the way things are in the “real world” and whether there is a better alternative. Can you conduct yourself with ethical dignity and integrity to achieve professional excellence? The course will focus equally on ethical performance in law, business and medicine in an attempt to find the constant themes that underlie professional ethics in all walks of life. Lying and deception will be a constant theme throughout the class and the notion of trust will be dissected and analyzed. Students will actively participate in an interactive class environment and in small group discussions. A number of knowledgeable guests from the business and legal world will visit and contemporary films as well as videos of prior guest appearances will be shown.

LWEV 528

International Environmental Law

International Environmental Law will explore the mechanisms for creating environmental protections at a regional and international scale by looking at several specific environmental issues and the resulting treaty regimes: species and biodiversity protection; ocean pollution; Antarctica; the discovery of the ozone hole; and climate change.  We will also look at what kinds of problems lend themselves to international solutions and why some treaties succeed while others fail.

LWPA 585

International Law

An examination of the evolving process of formulating rules to govern the transnational problems requiring global solutions. After looking at the United Nations and other international and regional organizations, students focus on: (a) the Law of the Sea negotiations, (b) the laws of war, (c) human rights, and (d) economic problems. Students examine both the substantive content of the current rules and the procedures by which they are being developed. Finally, the course examines the enforcement mechanisms and ways in which international law can be used in the courts of the United States.

LAW 520B
Kūʻē me ke Kānāwai: Framing Law and Native Struggles in Modern Hawaiʻi

This course examines the possibilities and limitations of various legal avenues that Hawaiian movements have explored since the takeover: home rule; Hawaiian Homestead Act; statehood; the 1978 Convention; decolonization and reinscription; restoration; indigenous rights; federal recognition; and constitutional and international law claims.

LAW 569

Building upon the foundation established in Contracts I and II, this course provides an in-depth study of the law governing domestic sales of goods under Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code including: warranties; manner, time, and place of performance; buyers’ and sellers’ remedies for breach; and limitations on the freedom of contract. 

LAW 530
Second-Year Seminar (UH Part-Time Students Only)

UH Law students are required to take a seminar for which they must write a substantial paper of publishable quality during the student’s second year. Seminar placement is by lottery. Prior topics have included Torts, Environmental Law, Property, Jurisprudence, Antitrust, Intellectual Property, Legal History, Constitutional Law, Native Hawaiian Rights, Asian law, Pacific Islands legal systems and commercial law areas.

LAW 555H
Externships (UH Law Students Only)

For externships, students get hands-on training in research, drafting, investigation, and other lawyering tasks for judges and attorney supervisors in public agencies, the State Legislature, and private law firms. Students are responsible to secure placement in a host organization.




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