Reasons for Establishing the Institute

It is a primary goal of the William S. Richardson School of Law to be recognized within 5 years as the leading law school in the United States in the field of Asian-Pacific law. The establishment of the Institute will assist the Law School in achieving this goal.

In addition, the Institute will achieve the other following goals:

  • First, it will serve as the umbrella for the research and academic activities of its Fellows (full-time academics drawn from the William S. Richardson School of Law and the University of Hawaiʻi), Research Fellows (academics and professionals from outside the University of Hawaiʻi who are associated with the Institute for a period of months or on an on-going basis), and short-term Visiting Fellows from outside the University of Hawaiʻi.
  • Second, it will address significant legal issues of relevance to Hawaiʻi and/or the Asian-Pacific region and will lead to the publication of books and journal articles considering these issues.
  • Third, it will highlight the expertise of the William S. Richardson School of Law in the area of Asian-Pacific law.
  • Fourth, it will assist the William S. Richardson School of Law in strengthening its ties with other academic institutions in the Asian-Pacific region, as well as facilitating collaboration between individual faculty members at the Law School with their counterparts in the Asian-Pacific region.
  • Fifth, it will serve as a forum for Hawaiʻi's lawyers and accountants, businessmen, academics, judges, and policy-makers to learn about Asian-Pacific business law issues and to interact with their counterparts throughout the region.
  • Sixth, it will support the on-going teaching activities within the PALS and LL.M programs.
  • Seventh, by raising the profile of the William S. Richardson School of Law in Asian-Pacific law, it will help the School of Law attract exceptional J.D. and LL.M students interested in this area of study.

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Professor of Law
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