JD Program Student Learning Outcomes

The Law School's JD program is accredited by the American Bar Association and accepted for membership in the Association of American Law Schools. Students admitted to the JD program must have an undergraduate degree, among other requirements. In Hawai‘i, and nearly every other state, a JD degree from an accredited school is essential to become a licensed attorney. The Law School necessarily focuses substantial attention on those learning objectives aimed at preparation to pass the bar examination and to practice law ethically and effectively. The school also emphasizes areas of law of importance to Hawai‘i and to the school's mission.

JD Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand ethical responsibilities as representatives of clients, officers of the court, and public citizens responsible for the quality and availability of justice;
  2. Obtain basic education through a curriculum that develops:
    1. understanding of the theory, philosophy, role, and ramifications of the law and its institutions;
    2. proficiency in legal analysis, reasoning, problem solving; oral and written communication; legal research;
    3. fundamental professional practices necessary to participate effectively in the legal profession;
    4. mastery of substantive law regarded as necessary to effective and responsible participation in the legal profession through a completion of a curriculum of required and elective study;
  3. Understand the law as a public profession calling for performance of pro bono legal services;
  4. Promote the development of students' critical thinking skills and other intellectual tools that will serve their life-long learning needs, and enable them to provide leadership in law through contributions in research and practice;
  5. Understand and respect law as a social institution in the context of a diverse state with a unique and important history; and
  6. Recognize our global connectedness, especially to the Asia and Pacific regions.


Denise E. Antolini

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
(808) 956-6238