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Implicit Racial Bias Across the Law: A Book Conference

June 14, 2012
Harvard Law School, Ames Courtroom
sponsored by the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute at Harvard Law School

co-sponsored by the Culture and Jury Project at the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa, William S. Richardson School of Law

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Brief Conference Description:
The conference will bring together scholars, judges, practitioners, and community leaders to explore the issues surrounding implicit racial bias in law and policy. It will begin with a compelling overview of the social science. What does science teach us about automatic biases? And what do we still not know? Leaders in the areas of criminal justice, housing law and policy, education, and health care will then present overviews of the impact of implicit bias in their fields. Attendees will hear federal judges’ and leading scholars’ perspective on implicit bias claims in the courtroom and hear experts’ assessment of the future of implicit bias in the law. A lively afternoon session will include simultaneous break-out sessions and roundtable discussions of specific implicit bias related topics. Audience participation will be welcomed and encouraged. The conference will close with a discussion of setting a forward looking and collaborative implicit bias agenda.

Confirmed Participants Include:

Charles Ogletree, Harvard Law School
Charles Lawrence, Georgetown Law School & University of Hawai`i
Michele Goodwin, University of Minnesota
Eric Yamamoto, University of Hawai`i
Dorothy Brown, Emory School of Law
Jerry Kang, UCLA School of Law
Danielle Conway, University of Hawai`i
Rachel Godsil, Seton Hall
US District Judge (ret.) Nancy Gertner, Harvard Law School
US District Judge Mark Bennett, Northern District of Iowa
Dr. Mahzarin Banaji, Harvard University
Dr. Patricia Devine, University of Wisconsin
Dr. Sam Sommers, Tufts University
Dr. Greg Walton, Stanford University
Dr. Jack Glaser, University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Augustus White, Harvard University
Justin D. Levinson, University of Hawai`i
L. Song Richardson, University of Iowa
Marc Mauer, The Sentencing Project
Camille Nelson, Suffolk Law School
Robert J. Smith, University of North Carolina
Melissa Hart, University of Colorado
Cynthia Lee, George Washington University
Carol Steiker, Harvard University
and more!

Audience participation will be welcome, especially during roundtable discussions.


Justin D. Levinson

Professor of Law
(808) 956-3287