Computer Lab

Computer Lab Hours

The Computer Lab is open when the Law Library is open.  Please see Law Library Hours.

The Computer Lab is located in the Law Library.  The Computer Lab is available to law students, faculty, lecturers in law, and visiting scholars. Priority is given to law students and law faculty.

Computer Lab Policies

The following policies and procedures are designed to ensure compliance with the law and to facilitate an educational environment for all users. Use of Lab computers assumes that you agree to all Lab rules and policies, and UH IT Policy. Students are also subject to the Student Code of Conduct.

The lab contains eight Intel i5 computers with Windows 7 and four iMacs. Each computer is installed with Microsoft Office.

There are two scanner stations with Adode Acrobat for scanning documents into PDF files in the lab.

Please follow the rules below when using the computers:

  1. Save all your files to a flash drive. The library is not responsible for lost data, damage, or loss of personal items.
  2. Workstations are assigned on a first-come first-served basis. At times, classes, exams, or vendor training may take precedence over individual use.
  3. No food or drinks are allowed in the computer lab.
  4. Computers that are left unattended for more than 10 minutes may be used by others.
  5. Return the keyboard, monitor, mouse and chair to their original positions when you leave the lab.
  6. Do not remove any equipment or supplies from the lab.
  7. You should assume that your files and folders may be seen in the course of system or network administration duties or when troubleshooting computer problems.
  8. Do not change any software preferences (desktop pattern, time, homepage location).
  9. Installation and use of music and file sharing software such as, Kazaa and Imesh, are prohibited in the lab.
  10. Do not create excessive noise or engage in disruptive activities. Such activities include attempts to circumvent the network, bypass system security (either locally or elsewhere on the Internet), attempts to cause denial of service on any local or other Internet computer, use of profanities, racial slurs, sexual innuendos, and/or pornographic material.
  11. Do not send or use viruses or hacking software in the lab.
  12. Report any unauthorized user in the lab to the IT staff.


Cheong-Ming Wai

Director of Information Technology
(808) 956-4727