Class of 2013

Kahina was an associate of Gide Loreytte Nouel in Paris and Algeirs before joining the firm, Ghellal and Mekerba, which specializes in corporate and commercial, mining and natural resources, project financing and international arbitration. Kahina was responsible for research and analysis of legislation and case law, and advising  foreign  investors  on  opportunities  in  the  Algerian  market.  She  also interacted  with high-profile civil servants to work on procurement contracts.  She earned her law degree from the University of Algiers, and two master’s  degrees  from  the  University  of  Paris  2  Panthéon-Assas,  one  in  Human  Rights  and one  in International, European and French Law. After the LLM, Kahina plans to return to Ghellal and Mekerba.
Seyed Amin earned a bachelor’s degree in law from Islamic Azad University North Branch in  Tehran.  Upon  graduation,  Seyed  worked  as  a  legal  intern under  his  father,  Seyed  Mohammad Sadegh Alemohammad for two years, handling a variety of legal matters, including criminal, civil, family, and appellate  cases.  He  then  passed  the  Iranian  bar  examination  in  2007  and  established  his  own  law  practice, Alemohammad Law Office, in Tehran. To further his legal education, Amin decided to participate in the LLM Program, and plans to take the New York bar examination.
Miho  earned a  master’s degree and completed coursework towards a doctorate  in  Criminal Procedure  at Meijo  University,  Japan.  Her  research  specifically  examines  the privilege  against self-incrimination. Miho now wants to learn about environmental law and how it pertains to the treatment of  animals.  After  earning  her  LLM  degree  from  the  Law  School,  she  plans  to  take  the  New  York  bar examination and work in academia to improve Japan’s animal rights system. 
Brendlynn  was  a  prosecutor  with  the Office  of Attorney  General in the Republic  of  Palau, which  is  responsible  for  prosecution  of criminal  cases.    That  office serves  as  the  chief  legal  counsel  to  the Executive  Branch  of  the  government  and drafts  legislation  and  regulations  for the  country. In  her  work, Brendlynn mainly handled criminal prosecution cases. She earned her LLB from University of South Pacific School of Law, Vanuatu in 2008 and was qualified to practice law in Fiji in 2009. After receiving her LLM, Brendlynn would like to continue her education and practice law in the United States.
June  Abigail  Santos  is  an  Associate  Solicitor  at  the Office  of  the  Solicitor  General (OSG),  the statutory  counsel  of  the  Republic  of  the  Philippines.  The  OSG  represents  the government in  any  litigation, proceeding, investigation or matter requiring the services of a lawyer. As an Associate Solicitor, June has  been  handling  civil,  criminal  and special proceedings,  and  administrative  cases,  often  involving issues  of national significance. She earned her bachelor’s degree and her JD from the University of the Philippines. She became a member of the Philippine Bar in 2009. After receiving her LLM, she plans to return to the Philippines and continue working in the public sector.
Saudi Arabia
Mohammad earned a bachelor’s degree in law from King Saud University. He then interned at the law office of Mohammed Alrasheed,  which is affiliated  with an international  American law  firm, Baker Botts.
Mohammad was later appointed to the law and politics section of the Saudi Royal Court. His work at the royal court involved  reviewing citizenship  applications, managing correspondence sent  from  the  king  and  the crown prince  to  different  kings  and  leaders  around  the  world. It  involved  a  high  degree  of  precision  in  writing  and cultural sensitivity. After the LLM program, Mohammad plans to return to Saudi Arabia to continue working at the Royal Court and to pursue a private legal career on an international level.
Saudi Arabia
Faisal  Abdulrhman earned  his  bachelor's  degree  in  law  from King  Saud  University in  Saudi Arabia. He recently worked at the Ministry of Higher Education, which oversees, evaluates and improves the level of universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also directly supervises Saudi students on scholarships outside of Saudi Arabia. Faisal also served as an assistant legal adviser in the Department of Law. He represented the Ministry in court for any labor-related matters. After the LLM Program, Faisal plans to work as a legal adviser in a company or in one of the ministries in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia
Bader Nasser earned a bachelor’s degree in law from King Saud University. While studying at King Saud, he worked at Al Jandal Law Office as a lawyer assistant.  He also worked at his father’s law firm as a part-time  administrative  assistant  in  the  marketing  department,  where  he  researched  marketing  strategies  and conducted statistical analysis on product sales rates.  After the LLM program, Bader plans to work in the Treasury Department of Saudi Arabia and hopes to assist in making positive changes to the legal system in his country.
Saudi Arabia
Abdullah earned his bachelor’s degree in law from King Saud University in Riyadh. Abdullah then worked at the Aldhiabi Group, where he served as a member of the working group on improving and rectifying the financial sector. He examined and reviewed foreign-related legal cases as well as futures market transactions. Abdullah also served in the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Security,  where he reviewed and analyzed appellate criminal cases. After the LLM Program, he intends to return to Saudi Arabia to continue serving in the Ministry of Security.
South Korea
Jae  Ho  earned his bachelor’s degree in law  from Wonkwang University. He also has a bachelor’s degree  in  Chinese  Literature  from  Seoul  National  University, where  he  was also the  top  commander  of  the university’s 1000-member R.O.T.C. Program. After serving in the Korean military as a Second Lieutenant, Jae Ho worked as  a manager  at Samsung’s  Plant  Project  Parts  Division,  which  exports  high-technology factories and equipment to China and other Asian countries. Jae Ho reviewed contracts and managed about 100 team members in executing transactions with buyers in Asia.  After earning his LLM, he plans to take a bar examination in the U.S.
Lilla has a bachelor degree in law and just finished her master studies both at the University of Bern, Switzerland. For her master’s degree, she specialized in criminal law and criminology. Lilla speaks German, English and French. After receiving her LL.M. Lilla plans to return to Switzerland to obtain her lawyer license.
Rosana worked as an associate attorney for VISCHER Ltd., one of the largest law firms in Switzerland with offices in Zurich and Basel. The firm covers a wide range of international and domestic cases in business law, including competition law, life sciences, intellectual property law, litigation, corporate, commercial law and M&A. She specialized in intellectual property and competition law and was part of the following practice teams: Intellectual Property, Pharma, Biotech; Antitrust and Competition; Intellectual Property; Media and Entertainment. Rosana earned her Master in Laws from the University of Lucerne and was admitted to the Swiss Bar in 2010. After receiving her LL.M., Rosana seeks to work as a commercial in-house counsel in an international company.
Nhu Phong retired from a successful career as a professional table tennis player in the U.S. He previously earned his LLB from Ho Chi Minh City University, where he majored in international law. Before he moved to the U.S. to further his legal education, Nhu Phong served in a number of law-related positions in Vietnam, including as court clerk, legal assistant, and reporter. After completing the LLM program, Nhu Phong hopes to continue his education and then to practice law in Vietnam and throughout Asia.

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