Career and Professional Development Student Handbook


Federal and State Judicial Clerkship Information Sessions: A judicial clerkship is an excellent way to bridge the gap between law school and the practice of law. A clerkship can be an extremely valuable step in an attorney’s professional development and ultimate career success. Judicial law clerks gain practical experience, mentorship by a judge, and enhanced experience with the level of professional behavior expected of attorneys. Many law clerks find the prestige and experience associated with service as a judicial law clerk broadens their future employment opportunities. Every year, approximately one-third of our graduating class participate in judicial clerkships during the year following graduation.

Open Houses with Hawaiʻi Firms: The Law Firm Open House provides a forum for firm representatives to meet students and introduce them to the firm. Representatives share information and answer questions about their respective firms: practice areas, firm culture, representative clients/cases, career and volunteer opportunities, etc. Students have an opportunity to learn about local legal employers so they can make informed career decisions. In addition to the Open House hosted on-campus, law firms also schedule tours and mixers at their respective offices.

Public Interest Career Fair: Our law school has a long-standing tradition of public service. Our annual Public Interest Career Fair provides a venue for local law-related public interest organizations to introduce our students to the variety of public interest opportunities in Hawaiʻi. Students meet representatives from various public interest legal organizations and gather information about these public interest organizations, explore public interest legal careers, and network with attorneys.

Mock Interview Programs: An interview can “make or break” a candidate’s chance at a job offer and the interview can be an employer’s deciding factor when making a choice between candidates. Successfully presenting and advocating for oneself in an interview is a skill that must be practiced and refined. Our annual Mock Interview Programs allow students to practice their interviewing skills and gain helpful feedback from participating interviewers. We have two mock interview programs scheduled before each semester’s on-campus interview program: a fall program for 2Ls and 3Ls and a spring program for 1Ls.

Networking Opportunities: Our career programs are specifically scheduled to allow students to meet and network with participating attorneys before and after an event. Students have the opportunity to ask specific questions and introduce themselves to attorneys practicing in the student’s areas of interest. Students are highly encouraged to utilize these unique opportunities to network.

Job Search and Skills Workshops: Each semester, our career services office hosts job search programs and skills workshops. These programs range from resume and interview workshops to programs providing guidance on how to conduct a job search here in Hawaiʻi and job searches beyond our shores. These “nuts and bolts” programs are the foundation for any successful job search and offered every year.

Co-Sponsored Programs with Student Organizations: We have incredibly active student organizations at the Law School. Our career services office frequently co-sponsors student organization programs and events addressing career-related topics in a variety of interest areas. From general subjects to very specific issues, our co-sponsored programs provide students additional opportunities to learn about the variety of legal and non-traditional career options available to them.

On-Campus Interview Programs: Our On-Campus Interview programs provide an opportunity for employers to interview law students for employment opportunities on campus. Each year, we are pleased to welcome many private and public interest employers throughout Hawaiʻi to interview our students. Students sign up for on-campus interviews on a first-come, first-served basis. This policy assures every student has a chance to interview - regardless of their GPA or class rank. Our Fall On-Campus Interview program focuses on opportunities for 2Ls and 3Ls while our Spring On-Campus Interview program focuses on 1Ls.

Launch-a-Lawyer Mentor Program: Networking is key to finding a job in the legal profession. Dean Soifer often shares that "one of our Law School's greatest strengths has always been our ability to create and sustain a strong sense of community." We are incredibly fortunate that the alumni and friends of the Law School are consistently willing to help our students to network and build an even stronger community. Each November, our Launch-A-Lawyer Mentor Program builds on our strong foundation of community and introduces our wonderful students to experienced local attorneys. Our office pairs each student with an attorney mentor and hosts a reception to give participants a chance to get to know one another. We strongly encourage them to meet at other places and times to further discuss and share ideas about issues of professionalism and law practice in Hawai‘i.


Employment and Volunteer Opportunities: We regularly receive job announcements from public and private sector employers interested in recruiting Law School students and alumni. The job notices we post offer positions in Hawai‘i, the continental United States, and throughout the Pacific-Asia region.

Career Counseling: Our door is open! Students are welcome to schedule an appointment or stop by the front desk to meet with our career services staff. We work with students to create an individualized job search strategy to help a student reach his or her career goals.

Cover Letter and Résumé Review: Our career services office encourages students to schedule an appointment for cover letter and résumé review by our staff. We also provide students guidance regarding references and writing samples.

Reciprocity with other law schools: An overwhelming majority of our students choose to stay in Hawaiʻi after graduation. However, some students find their post-graduation plans change over the course of their law school career and need to relocate to another city. Reciprocity allows our office to request career services assistance from other law schools on behalf of our students and graduates. Reciprocity policies vary from school to school so students are encouraged to research policies of law schools in their new city and select the law schools with reciprocity services that best fit their needs.


Dale W. Lee

Director of Professional Development
(808) 956-8636