Mentor a law student

The Career Services Office serves as a bridge between students and alumni employers.  We have many programs of interest to potential employers. Each program offers alumni employers an opportunity to showcase practice or interest areas, share insights and advice based on their experiences, and give them a chance to meet our wonderful students.

  • Launch-a-Lawyer - This program aims to introduce our great students to the varied, intriguing personal stories of some key people about what it means to lead a professional life in the law in Hawai‘i. Basically, we ask each alumni lawyer willing to help to come to a reception where s/he will be introduced to a law student. Participating alumni lawyers then commit simply to taking that student to breakfast or lunch at a convenient time and place that you and the student arrange between yourselves.
  • Career Day - We have our annual Career Day early in the spring semester. Career Day features panel presentations by local attorneys who are invited to share their "real world" experiences working in various legal office environments, a lunch presentation by a guest speaker, and a Public Interest Career Fair in the afternoon. Panel presentations provide an opportunity for practicing alumni attorneys to share their insights and experiences with law students, while the Public Interest Career Fair provides participating organizations a forum to share information about their focus areas.
  • Career Panels - We have a variety of panel presentations throughout the academic year that provide law students with information and insights about various aspects of law practice and legal employment environments. Previous panels have ranged from a focus on practicing environmental law to panelists speaking about their experiences working in various types of law firms.
  • Career Alternative Series - In addition to providing forums about traditional law practice, we have a series of panels in the spring semester focused on legal career alternatives. Invited panelists share their experiences in their chosen careers and expand awareness of the incredible variety of career options available to law students and graduates.
  • Pau Hana Series - Many of our students are interested in working for various offices but have little practical sense of what attorneys do on a daily basis. Each Pau Hana reception offers a unique learning and networking opportunity and provided students a chance to talk to attorneys who work in government offices at the Federal, State and County levels.
  • Open Houses - We've had several legal employers host Open Houses at their offices for our law students. Each Open House begins with a short orientation, followed by a tour of the office and ending with an informal "talk story" reception.


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